Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Entertainment Review

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Entertainment for the review  free of charge.****

Even though my fiance gets embarrassed from time to time , I enjoy using coupons [He doesn't like using them at restaurants, I don't know why]. A company called Entertainment comes out with yearly Coupon Saving books that are good for specific areas or states, I was recently sent a coupon savings book for my area Phoenix,Arizona to look over and review. I couldn't wait to get the book I was excited to see all the coupons that were included.

We are a family of four, things like going to the zoo or movies can get expensive but we save where we can so we can go out more often. The first few sections of this book are Fine dining, regular restaurants and fast food places. A lot of the restaurants included in the fine dining and casual dining I have never heard of and some are close to my home, having this book helped me find some new restaurants I would like to try and provided me with a coupon to test it out. Just because it sounds good doesn't mean it is so having a coupon for the first time helps you try new places without spending an arm and a leg to do so. The food section is the thickest part of the book you can find fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Taco Bell, Hot Dog on a stick and restaurants such as Kiss the cook and The Wagon Yard. After the food section you will find sections for Entertainment & Sports, Travel & Hotels, National Retail & Services and Local Retail & Services.

This book includes coupons to Laser Tag, The Zoo, Castles N Coasters, Wet N Wild, Bowling, The Phoenix Theater, Various Hotels & Car rental companies, GAP, Dick's Sporting Goods, Kid to Kid, Big O Tires & Many more. I love looking through this book I have found a ton of coupons I plan on using and others that will be nice to have for 'Just in case' situations I have used four of the coupons already, for the coupons I can't/won't use I will be giving to friends and family that I know will use them that way they go to good use. I also found out that they have a 'Savings Card' that comes with a purchased book which allows you to double your savings by visiting their site and printing off more coupons for Retail shops,Food places and for Grocery shopping. I love this book and plan to buy another next year each book retails for $35 but keep your eyes out for sales right now the Phoenix book is 35% off other cities and states may be on sale as well, You will quickly make your money back. For example the book costs $35 there is a coupon for a local zoo which allows you to Buy an adult ticket and get one free, the tickets are $35 each which pays for the book using that single coupon this book offers thousands of dollars worth of savings. Head over and see if they have a book for your area, You are missing out without an Entertainment Coupon Book.


  1. Wow these are awesome!!

  2. I had no idea you were in the Phoenix area too. These are pretty great for saving money on family activities!

  3. I like that it includes hotels and car rental places that is great for vacations

  4. I've seen these but have never purchased one. I do like that it would help me find new restaurants and events to got to.

  5. Nothing is available in my area. :(

  6. These are in my area, but I have not purchased it as of yet, but the deals seem great.
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