Sunday, December 8, 2013

8Bitmetal Etsy Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The items mentioned have been provided by 8bitmetal for the Review free of charge****

There are two important factors I look for when purchasing a Christmas gift the first is that it suits the likes and personality of the person I am getting it for and second is that the item isn't something you could run to the corner store and get. A big theme among my family and friends are gamer items but it can be hard to find high quality items that are in a fair price range. I recently came upon a etsy shop called 8bitmetal who is known for their amazing Zelda bottle openers, as soon as I set my eyes upon the bottle opener I knew exactly who to give it to. I was lucky enough to received a chance to work with 8bitmetal on a review & giveaway of their Zelda bottle opener.

Here is a description from the 8bitmetal etsy shop "A drink to the past. This is no ordinary bottle opener. Each bottle opener is hand finished and unique, guaranteeing no two bottle openers will look exactly alike. The sword also makes an excellent point to puncture cans for shot-gunning beers. It is made out of 10 gauge steel so that it won't bend or break (unless you take a hammer to it or try to bend it on purpose, don't be a dick) and coated in acrylic enamel to prevent rust. Also a quick note about the reds/blues the colors will vary, not all of them will look like the ones in the pictures, some will have more gold color shine through or purples, but then again that just adds to the uniqueness of each bottle opener."

The bottle opener arrived quite fast and I was happily surprised to find the bottle opener was on the heavy side which is wonderful for being able to open those tricky bottles from time to time. The design is spectacular and holds up well which is great because my SO and his group of friends is known for breaking things while intoxicated. The bottle opener itself can be used as a display case if desired it is beautifully handcrafted and would make a wonderful conversation starter piece for any Zelda or video game lover. The bottle opener is safe to handle there are no sharp edges or point you can easily cut yourself on. Each Zelda bottle opener sells for $20 plus shipping and handling, I think this is a more than fair price for a one of a kind handmade piece. This bottle opener comes in four different shades/color; Copper, Bronzed, Blues & Red, then finally the Metal. I received the Bronzed which is pictured above, You can see where the bottle opener lip is but looking at it straight on you wouldn't be able to tell this was a bottle opener which leads to my statement of being able to use it as a display piece.Want to purchase one for yourself or for another Zelda lover? Head over to visit the 8bitmetal etsy shop.

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