Sunday, November 25, 2012

PinyPon Mommy Party!

We had a rather busy Thanksgiving weekend, To help my daughter & her cousin along with a some friends unwind after the busy and somewhat hectic Holiday we spent Friday participating in a Mommy Party from the brand PinyPon.

What is a PinyPon? They are a mini-dolls world inhabited by independent and modern girls, who love fashion, accessories and the newest hairstyles. Shopping is one of their favorite things to do! With their pets, they travel the world in their super-cool van going to new places and making new friends. Pinypon is a colorful collection of interchangeable friends. You can mix and match everything - dresses, accessories, hairstyles and even faces, for tons of fun! We invited some of my daughters cousins and friends over to experience PinyPon and play with a doll of their own,During the party we decorated cupcakes,colored,made home made Christmas cards stacking them in a fashion similar to the dolls using stickers and cut outs from construction paper and of course the girls played with the dolls.

What did the children think of the dolls? They loved them each girl was super excited to open up their new doll and give her a test run the girls were surprised to find that the hair,head,accessories,ect come apart allowing you to swap pieces with other figures. The girls loved the dolls but what did the parents think? Most of the parents enjoyed the dolls everyone thought they were cute,a fun toy to play with because they are mix and match and the best part everyone loved is that they are affordable each doll sells on average for $2.99 a doll and gives hours of entertainment. Part of the party kit included two PinyPon Caravan "Go on a road trip in the super cool Pinypon Caravan -a fully loaded house on wheels! It even has a shower and mirror! Includes a Pinypon colorful friend and loveable pet, lounge chair, surf board, picnic table, picnic accessories and swimming pool for a day full of fun!"

We played with one at the party and the other was used as a raffle prize for one of the lucky children to take home,My daughters favorite part of this toy is that the top part of the van can be taken off & used as a boat in the pool or in the bath tub. Included in the kit they sent two Nenuco "New Born Makes Bubbles" dolls which were also used as raffle prizes. All of the girls had a wonderful time at the party they enjoyed both playing with the PinyPon dolls and spending time together, Before taking photos I asked all of the parents for permission to photograph their children those who said No did not get their photos taken/aren't shown in the party photos to make it easy we had two separate tables set up for the kids so we could photograph one. If you want to check out PinyPon or Nenuco you can do so by clicking on their name to visit their websites. Want to see more photos from the party? You can click HERE to check them out. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by MommyParties for the Review  free of charge****

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