Saturday, November 10, 2012

Claire Burke Review

I enjoy buying candles to fill my home with lovely fragrances but not all candles are made the same,Some burn too fast,Some don't smell how they are supposed to & a number of other differences can occur. I can never saw no to a Candle review so I was happy to work with a company called Claire Burke who offers a wide range of Candles,Electric Warmers & more.

For my recent review I was sent one Cherry O! Filled Candle & one Cherry O! Mini Fragrance Diffuser, When they arrived I couldn't wait to get the package open to lit my new candle. Aside from the wonderful fragrance my favorite thing about this candle is that it has a slow burn,I have been burning this candle for 2-6 hours every day for the last almost two weeks & I still have about a quarter of the candle left which is pretty good in my opinion the candle has an estimated burn time of 45 hours. Some candles I have bought leave a black residue on the jar when the candle has been burning too long but the Claire Burke candle burns smooth,doesn't leave the black residue & doesn't stink when you blow it out. Normally I do not buy reed diffusers because in my person opinion most do not work well or you can hardly tell there is something being used at all but I do enjoy the smell that comes from this diffuser. The reeds disperse its delicious scent for up to 30 days,I have had this for almost two weeks now and you can hardly tell anything is missing from the bottle so I do think it will last the whole thirty days as stated on the website. I have enjoyed the Claire Burke products I have received & would purchase from the company again. ****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Claire Burke for the Review free of charge****

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