Thursday, December 2, 2010

Imprecious Review


Every day the Holidays draw closer & I get more & more excited I can't wait until Christmas rolls around I have a super busy December so I am sure it will sneak up on me before I know it.This year I wanted to try & buy sentimental gifts & presents that would mean the most to my friends & family instead of your average generic items.Most of my Christmas shopping I ordered offline.

Recently I had a more than wonderful chance to work with a company called Imprecious,Who makes custom Hand stamped jewelry which as many know has become increasingly popular.I presented her with an idea I had for a gift I wanted to give my Grandmother,My grandma & grandpa had been together for almost 35 years when my grandpa passed away on December 19th,2007 so Christmas has been pretty tough for her since,After the loss of my grandfather she did not have the money to keep her place so had to move in with my mother I wanted to do something extra special for her so agreed to make a necklace which has Two pendants my grandfathers nickname for my grandma which is 'Babycakes' & her nickname for him which is 'Boobear' Imprecious also added two stones one for each of their favorite colors which was red & green.This may not seem like a great gift to most but many times after a family member passes away they like to have something to remember them by a photo locket,a dog tag,anything really my grandmother has had a lot happen including losing one storage unit [They auctioned her stuff off] & had her recent storage unit broken into so she doesn't have many things left that were my grandfathers so this way she will be able to keep a part of him always with her Imprecious did a more than amazing job with the necklace it looks fantastic! I love the way both charms & both stones sit perfectly together,They all came on a small ball chain which compliments the charms.I would post a picture here but I forgot to photograph it before I wrapped it,The necklace came in gift giving condition in a small metal tin but I moved it into a box to wrap easier.The processing time of the order,then making it & shipping were faster than I had expected which is wonderful for customized handmade gifts.Imprecious can make any order you want you can have a name & stone combo,Or a name,stone & Finger print charm combo it all depends on YOU there are many fun charms to pick from,hundreds of words to choose for your necklace,& all at great prices.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Imprecious for the Review****

BONUS: Imprecious Has agreed to give all of my readers 20% off of their purchase if you decide to get something special for Christmas. Use code; BURNMOON to get your 20% Off,discount offer expires on Dec 31, 2010 Note from the company: Unfortunately Paypal doesn't allow me to use coupon codes to automatically deduct the amount, but I do the refunds via Paypal as soon as the I get the orders

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  1. precious thing to made for someone special...

    I like the idea of engraving or stamping something on metal....