Sunday, November 7, 2010

Japonesque Baby Review

Ready for another fun filled day of giveaways? Before I start into today's giveaways I do have a giveaway I would like to share with all of you.As many of you know every once in a while I work with a company called Japonesque,I recently had a wonderful chance to review part of their new collection of Baby Care Items.To help them promote their new Line I will be posting pictures & full details of these items because it is a brand NEW line.

For my review I received A First Aid Safety Scissors which have a monkey on them,A Duck Safety Nail Clipper & File,A Alligator Gentle Grooming baby comb & a Kangaroo Safety Nail Scissors & file.These products are so unbelievably cute I wish I had products like these when my daughter was still a tiny baby I can still use them now as well but these would have been a great gift to get at my baby shower.Here are some descriptions for each product: Monkey First Aid Safety Scissors "First Aid Safety Scissors are handcrafted to remove Medical bandages quickly & accurately,So you feel prepared in any situation.These professional Quality scissors feature a protective blade covering as well as a cute & protective case,Which keep blades locked when not in use,for complete safety." Duck Safety Nail Clipper & File 'These clippers are designed to trim baby's fingernails tear free,so you can clip confidently with easy & precision every time.This miniature clipper fits little fingernails & toes perfectly & features a comfortable grip & thumb lever for easy manuring.A nail file is also included to gently shade & smooth sharp nail edges after clipping,These clippers are designed in the shape of an adorable yellow duck.",Alligator Gentle Grooming baby comb " This adorable baby comb features rounded plastic teeth that glide gently through baby;s fine hair.This cute alligator shaped comb comfortable removes tangles with ease for soothing care of baby's hair & scalp." Kangaroo Safety Nail Scissors "This Nail scissors & file are designed especially for baby's delicate nails.The small scissors feature comfortable plastic handles & precise stainless steel blades with rounded tips for safety.The baby nail file should be used after clipping to gently shape & smooth rough edges.Both tools can also be used for toenails.A cute compact & protective plastic case is also included for storage"

BUT there are many things that these descriptions don't tell you about these adorable products so I will list them here for you now.The Kangaroo Safety Nail Scissors Has a protective case shaped like a Mother kangaroo with a small pouch which has a baby in it,but if you were just looking at it in a package you might not be able to tell that the baby kangaroo inside of the mothers pouch is actually the Nail file which is attached with a small rubber attachment so that you do not lose the nail file.The Monkey First Aid Safety Scissors has a protective cover that locks onto the scissors when not in use so that little hands can not open them if they manage to get a hold of them.The Duck Safety Nail Clipper & File is an adorable little duck the Nail file is on the bottom of the duck & the clippers are inside of the ducks mouth you simply remove the bill to reveal the clippers.The Alligator Gentle Grooming is the perfect size to hold in adult hands & toddler hands who know how to brush their own hair.I think all of the products are super cute & helpful when it comes to toddler grooming I would buy this product lines for Christmas gits & baby shower gifts they are friendly for both genders they also offer a Giraffe shaped hair shears,A Hippio gently grooming baby brush & two other nail clippers/file combos shaped like a Penguin & the other is a Dolphin.I really enjoy working with this company their shipping is always fast & customer service is friendly.****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Japonesque for the Review & Giveaway****

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