Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holiday Shopping Guide Part 8

If you are one of my followers you know that I will be writing a few reviews on Etsy shops,as a Christmas Shopping Guide Every few days - Every week I will be doing a Feature on a shop & Reviewing their item(s) for you to read & Enjoy Hopefully you will find something your looking for I myself have bought one or two items from the shops I have looked through from review.Our last issue was about our wonderful ChelseaVictoria.etsy.com & AmeliaKayPhotography.etsy.com,At the very end of the reviews I will make a post linking to all the reviews for you to look through I will also be having a Goodie Box Giveaway with LOTS of prizes,these are some great Reliable shops with good quality items that are worth the money.

Today I will be Doing a Double Whammy! As usual haha,Today is going to be a post for all of those with Children on your Shopping list.First i will be reviewing frecklesgalore.etsy.com She makes Crayon rolls,Magnet sets,items for dolls & Clothing all with your child in mind.

Here is what i got to review:

Item arrived fast,in super cute wrapping to my surprise the crayon roll came with crayons already in it which i wasn't aware of but it was a lovely surprise.The crayon roll itself is very well put together & super cute she uses a large ribbon attached to it to keep it tied shut.Her Monkey & cupcake fabric made me say aww out loud perfect for your little girl or any other little girl on the list,But don't think crayon rolls are the only thing she offers her shop has much more for any little girls needs all at affordable prices. Highly recommended shop. If you mention this blog post you can get Two crayon rolls of the special price of $10 that saves you $5.
*Keep an eye out at the end of the guide you can win magnets from this store

Second I will be reviewing spiritofgiving.etsy.com She makes personalized hooded towels,beach towels,changing pads & More

Here is what I got to review:

Item arrived faster than expected in perfect condition with a cute little ribbon tied around it holding it in place. Perfect size for present bag or wrapping paper,Item is professionally put together I can't see anywhere where a string or stitch is out of place.You can choose any color & she has more than one ribbon you can choose from & get any name.Towels can be worn until your kid is seven or eight which is perfect because even some store brand hooded towels are not that big.Her shop is perfect for buying your child or a new mother a cute gift.


  1. Thanks for the review!!! Have fun with it!

  2. Cute items! The hooded towel is adorable.

  3. Oh I love hooded towels! How cute :)

  4. OH MY I love the crayon holder! If it was a bit taller it could be a make up or paint brush holder..........Or even a ceramics tool holder for my wax carving tools because i'm always loosing them in my rubbermaid because I have way too much stuff.

    Another great review!!!!

    Kathleen McGiveron
    Ceramic Artworks
    It is my first generation of Pendants that are listed on my Etsy shop. During October I will be designing and mass producing new, porcelien like pendants that will be improved in shape, design, color, texture, and will even have decals on them. Mostly nature, but also of people, old cars, and such.
    So get this generation before it is gone!
    Heart on the Line:

    Dash of Red: $5

  5. Great stuff! They are both really cute!

  6. Love your blog and I would be interested in doing a giveaway on your blog if you are interested.


  7. These are great items. I think I've seen both of their shops before and they are wonderful.

  8. Those crayon holders are so cute!

  9. love everything you have posted here

  10. The crayon roll is too cute!! I want to get it, but I don't think I'll have a chance to use it. This will definitely be on my To-buy list for my little niece! =D

  11. Awww, i think that any little ones would enjoy the items in both of these shops!