Friday, July 10, 2009

Want extra promotion?

Have you read my blog post on "Hints on how to sell on etsy?" If you have you will know that there is a whole section on promotion,as well as a day or two later I posted a gift to all my readers a Great digital image artist is giving all my blog readers a deal of a custom made Banner & avatar for Only $2.50 that is about $4-$8 Cheaper then you will find else where.

I am here today wanting to Help you out with more promotion! I would like business cards & samples of your work to add into small care packages for my buyers this is a little know way that many etsy artists have made sales,I would also like to put together a little basket for my cousin who loves buying hand crafted things if you have any cards or samples(Such as a small chapstick,a candle,key chain,thank you card,ect) you would like to include in either of them please contact me on etsy.

Please don't forget to Enter this months blog giveaway to win a free pair of earrings,Aslo head to my tuesday post to be entered to be featured here on my blog. As always hope your doing well.

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