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Would you like to be featured on Burning Moon's Inside Advice? 

I am currently offering a few styles of Promotion/Advertising which could help your Shop,Site,or blog gain a lot of new Traffic flow. Listed below are the types of Promotion/Advertising I offer & their descriptions if you have any Questions or need any help please send me an Email. You can chose more than One option below if you would like more Promotion for your site.

Product Reviews

A product review is where you would send a item or items from your shop to Me for me to review,I give my opinion with 100% Honesty about my thoughts on the Product(s) sent in to review.Some of the information that will be included in the Review are: Shipping speed,Packaging (If its in something fancy such as a gift box or cute bag it will be mentioned),The experience I had working with you,Things about the actual item will include Texture,Feel,Smell,Colors(Vibrant,Dull,ect),Materials used & What I think about the item.Some information on your Shop/Site will also be included in the review along with Pictures of the item I reviewed,Extra links to your products. *Products for a Review are supplied from the seller Free of charge

If a company sends me the Giveaway item WITHOUT okaying it with me first the Item will be kept if it costs more than a $1 to ship out to the winner.I can not afford to ship out large items. 


A giveaway is where the seller or sponsor of a Product review decides to give one (or more) of my blog followers a change to win an Item (Seller or Winners choice) or a Gift Card to their store/site,Giveaways are held for 1-3 weeks depending on giveaway details,value,& content.A giveaway post will include a small 'Tid bit' of information on your shop,A description of the item that could be won,a link to your shop or site,Other links to twitter,facebook,& blogs will be included in the 'How to Enter' section as ways to gain an Entry to win the item(s) that is up for grabs.  *Giveaway item is supplied from the seller to the winner Free of charge.   **Giveaways are popular with those who also choose to do a product feature the giveaways are held for a longer amount of time. 

 Business Promotion:    
  • Giveaway participation: You will receive 2 of your links on each one of my giveaways, this allows you to gain more likes,followers,fans ect on Social Media pages                                               for a week - $20 A month - $50 A year - Ask. Blog follows cost an extra $5
  • Twitter blasts: A mention & Link to your blog or site 2 a week - $10

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to participate in one of my Promotion/Advertising options above.Please include your Shop or site link in your message.Thank You

*Please No Vintage shops or sites.

You can contact me at: