Monday, November 11, 2019

Fun with the family at Circus Americana!

My family and I love going out to events and fun attractions together so when we heard that Circus Americana was coming to town we were all excited about getting to check it out. Going to the Circus is a great way to enjoy some wholesome entertainment together as a family, and for those of you who don't like animal acts, don't worry! This is a human only circus. They are currently in Tempe, Arizona until November 24th so if you'd like to see the show there are still thirteen days left for you to go see it. They are located in the Big Surf parking lot located at 1500 N McClintock Dr Tempe,AZ 85281

I like that they decided to host their event in the empty lot next to Big Surf because it allowed for plenty of parking that was easy to navigate and it was easy for handicapped visitors to reach the tent. Seeing as how it is in a parking lot there are no bathrooms only a row of port-a-potty so if you aren't a fan of them I suggest using the bathroom before leaving. Once you arrive to the tent you'll get your tickets taken care of then will be instructed to sit anywhere you please aside from the seating marked "Reserved". While the reserved seating is closer and you don't have to deal with as many poles in your field of vision I much preferred sitting in the bleachers with my kids because we had a higher view vantage point so we were able to see more. During the show I actually saw a family who was in the reserved area move up onto the bleachers.

Ticket prices are quite affordable, you can get bleacher seats for just $17.50 per person, reserved chairs for $23.25 or you can sit ring side in the VIP for $50. None of the seating is really that far from the state, it is a rather personal experience and you are able to see everything on stage quite well.

Hungry before the show? I brought a bit of cash with me as I knew the kids would want to get a popcorn for the show, generally events such as this have a high price tag on food and souvenir items so I was expecting to spend about $20 on a popcorn and a soda. I was happily surprised to see their concession prices were very affordable, $3 per popcorn bag, $3 sodas, $2 waters and $5 cotton candies. I ended up buying two popcorns and a water which meant I spend less than $10 on food for the three of us which is fantastic.

Sadly we didn't stay for the entire show, my son wasn't feeling too well because of a headache so we ended up leaving after about an hour. The hour we did see was a lot of fun and they made sure to pack a lot into it, we thought all of the acts did a wonderful job and we wished we could have stayed for the rest. My favorite of what we seen was the ballerina doing the tightrope walk, it was a lot of fun to see and I liked how she seemed like a real music box ballerina. I'll be sharing a short clip of part of her act over on my Instagram page (@Burningmoonprod) if you want to head over and check it out on my stories. Did you know that the Taylor Family who runs Circus Americana is from Arizona? All of the staff working that we dealt with directly during our visit from the ticket booth to the concession stand were all extremely helpful and friendly, if you needed anything or had any questions they were more than willing to assist. When my son no longer wanted to watch letting me know his head was hurting and he wanted to go to bed, they held open the tent for us and wished us a good night which was sweet.

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