Thursday, October 31, 2019

Fun in the art room at the CMOP!

My kids love doing arts and crafts projects so it is no big surprise that every time we visit the Children's Museum of Phoenix that they want to visit the art room. The art room is located on  the third floor of the building near the staircase on the south side of the building.

When you enter the room the first thing you tend to notice is all of the gallons of paint, and how many supplies the room is stuffed with. You may also notice that there is a giant robot in the middle of the room covered in paint. This room offers several different activities! You'll find several tables spread through out the room, there are generally at least two projects set up to complete and the projects change from time to time so you aren't always making the same thing when you visit.

Why is there a big robot covered in paint in the middle of the room? Your child is able to grab an apron and go wild painting the inside and outside of the robot using buckets of paint the staff supply. If your child doesn't feel like painting you can sit down at one of the tables to do a craft. You'll find a sign in the middle of the table that explains the craft and gives an example of what you'll be making. Everything you need to complete the project is either on the table or located in the room and the staff are pretty good at keeping everything cleaned up and organized through out the day, so you aren't walking into a giant mess when you visit the room. The staff are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or will assist you with any issues.

I like that the kids are free to explore and use their imaginations to create a master piece, several of the crafts such as the "Thing-a-ma-jigs" don't have a distinct end look, instead every single piece is as unique as the child who creates it. For projects like this they have a shelf with about a dozen plastic bins filled with odds and ends that have been donated to the museum, your kids get to "shop" for what they'd like to use for their project. My kids love looking through the bins to see what is new.

There are also a ton of books in this room that you can read if you want something to do with your child aside from just crafting. When you stop by the museum I highly suggest stopping by to check out the art room! The best part is that you get to keep what ever you make.

Disclaimer- The products mentioned above were provided by Children's Museum of Phoenix for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Treat yourself to a spa day at Vitahydr8 in Mesa,AZ.

When was the last time you treated yourself to some kind of spa or pampering treatment? Treating yourself to a spa treatment doesn't have to be a monthly thing, but when you do head out to the spa it is nice to know you are going to a spot that is relaxing and knows what they are doing. I go to the spa about once a year, usually to get a massage as I carry a lot of stress in my neck/shoulder area which gets pretty tense. I recently had a wonderful chance to speak with the owner of a Beauty & Wellness spa called Vitahydr8. The spa came about after the owner found out she had ovarian cancer, and wanted to share a chance for others in the same position to enjoy some beauty & relaxation. She has a wonderful video on her Instagram page, which can be found Here, that gives you more information on her and the spa, it is worth a watch!

One of the main attractions of Vitahydr8 is their vitamin therapy which infuses much needed vitamins right into your blood stream over the course of an hour, which helps your body as a whole, you'll leave feeling revitalized. They also offer massages, facials, dermaplaning, laser hair removal and more plus starting November 1st they will also have a salon where you can get hair services. My husband and I had the chance to stop by and visit Vitahydr8 on Sunday with my husband to try out their services and see their newly opened location inside of the Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville West. Our Anniversary is tomorrow so we went in for a couples massage and I had a facial as well.

The spa itself was easy to find and if you need directions the hotel staff are extremely friendly, upon entering Vitahydr8 you feel welcomed and ready to relax. They have a beautiful waiting area where you can sit while you fill out any needed paperwork, or wait if you arrived too early. The waiting area overs a comfortable sofa, chairs and tables to keep you comfortable, they also let you know you are free to help yourself to a snack or drink and you are able to change the TV channel if you wish. My facial was an hour long, and was scheduled before our massage so my husband was happy they had this waiting area where he could listen to a bit of TV and read the book he brought with him. The office is pretty quiet, we went early in the morning and aside from the staff there wasn't a ton of traffic in the office which was nice.

I've only had one facial before which helped hydrate my skin so I was looking forward to getting another and seeing how it helps my skin. With the weather changes and me being naughty (not drinking about water), I had a few tiny dry patches on my forehead that were bugging me. The room they do the facials in is cozy and it helps create a relaxing environment. The staff member doing my facial was super sweet and she explained what each product was before she started using it, we chatted a bit during it and she was quite friendly and lovely to talk with. Part of the facial includes a mini message where your face will be massaged with the skincare products, and during the point where you are waiting for the enzyme mask to remove any dead skin, your forearms/hands and neck will also be massaged a bit, adding to the relaxation levels.

 During the facial they cover your eyes with a little shield and use a bright light to exam your skin for a skin assessment, which is when they will let you know if they see anything that needs improvement and offer you suggestions for improvement. I was a bit worried as I get a lot of teeny tiny black heads on my nose, I was surprised and happy to find out that my nose actually isn't as bad as I thought, overall she said she saw a little bit of dehydration across my forehead otherwise my skin looks pretty good. My skin feels so much better and my forehead looks significantly better as well because I no longer have little dry spots and everything healed up nicely. I am also making sure I remember to drink enough water to prevent it from happening again.  Here is a photo of my face once my facial was completed.

Once I was finished with my facial, I grabbed my husband from the waiting room and we were directed into a secondary room where the couples massage would take place. This room was also quite comfortable, it had low lighting and light music to help calm the body and mind. Before your massage begins, the staff member performing your massage will ask you if you've been having any problems, where you'd like to concentrate and if there are any areas you'd like them to avoid. I personally don't like being in just underwear during a massage, plus I usually only go to have my back/shoulders massaged so I always bring a pair of yoga pants to wear while I get my massage. You are completely free to dress to your comfort level, and can be completely open with them about issues such as not wanting your feet, legs, etc to be touched.

My husband has never had a professional massage before so he was little apprehensive about going, but I was able to get him to go with me because I thought it was something he would enjoy. He followed my example and wore basketball shorts so he'd be more comfortable. The massage lasts for an hour, but that hour always goes by way faster than you expect. He seemed to enjoy his experience and he felt a lot better after the hour was over since he didn't feel so tense or tight in his shoulder/neck area. I had a big knot in my right shoulder that is thankfully no longer there, so my shoulders feel so much better than before I went. After the massage was completed the staff meet us in the hallway with some bottled water and walked us out wishing us a good rest of our day. As a note it is always good to make sure you drink plenty of water after a massage.

I really enjoy their facility and think they picked a fantastic location for their spa. All of the rooms are well put together with your comfort and relaxing in mind. The prices aren't bad either, they are on par with a few other similar facilities I've checked out and been to in the past. When it comes to the location and services I'd say this is one of my top two spa facilities I've visited. I highly suggest checking them out for yourself! Their website has a list of all the services they offer, prices, and detailed information if you want to know more about each treatment.

What is your favorite kind of spa treatment to get? If you've never been to any type of a spa, what type of pampering would you like to get done?

Disclaimer- The products mentioned above were provided by Vitahydr8 for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

Celebrate Christmas with Schnepf Farms!

The holidays are already pretty magical, and taking the kids to see holiday lights, special events and to see Santa can really add to that Magic. Schnepf Farms is quite a drive for us but they are hosting a Christmas event that is completely worth the drive! Here is a bit of info about the event:

Welcome to Christmas at Schnepf Farms, a new kind of holiday magic for the entire family. Featuring the World of Illumination train ride, ice skating, Ferris wheel, 4D animated show, cookie decorating with Mrs. Claus, reindeer hayrides, pictures with Santa, glow mini golf and the world's largest inflatable Christmas-themed obstacle course, this all-in-one holiday attraction opens November 26 and runs through January 4 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Tickets range from $20 to $35 per person and can be purchased at the door or online at A portion of proceeds will benefit the New Leaf Foundation.

My Readers Save 10% Off Entrance to Christmas at Schnepf Farms Using Promo Code: Farm10 - Order tickets online at or use This link directly to the ticket purchase page where you can use the coupon code.

**This is not a paid post, this post is in exchange for the chance to be able to attend this event though attending is not a guarantee.**

Monday, October 28, 2019

Four great books from Candlewick press for toddlers!

It is never too early to start reading to your child, they absorb a lot even before they begin speaking and reading. Candlewick Press recently sent me four great books to check out that are perfect for reading to your infant/toddler or with them as they begin to read. Two of them are perfect for when they are learning new sight words and the alphabet, and the other two are just fun to read with them.

100 First Words By Edward Underwood (Retail $9.99)

This book has an assortment of easy to learn words, most are words used on an everyday basis such as spoon, fork, bowl, etc however they also include items found on farms, at the store and more. To help make the book more entertaining and help keep your toddlers attention you'll find several fun flaps to explore within the book. The thick board pages are sure to withstand your toddler putting it through quite a bit.

Alphabet Street By Johnathan Emmett (Retail $17.99)

Candlewick Press offers a ton of neat books that offer unique ways of reading and I think this is one of the coolest books I've reviewed with them. The Alphabet Street book helps your child learn their alphabet while seeming almost like a game. The book not only has interactive flaps through out the book, but it also unfolds like an accordion with illustrations and information on both sides of the pages. Instead of each page having a single letter and an image or two of words that go with that letter, the book is set up so that each page has an entire scene with multiple words to go with each letter.  Each page is full of color and creativity, I wish I had this book for my kids when they were younger and first practicing their alphabet.

Guess How Much I Love You By Sam McBratney (Retail $24.99)

This book is a classic and it is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary with a gift set that includes a hard covered copy of the book, a thick case and a beautiful print of the cover art that can be framed and hung up. I enjoy reading this adorable book and reading about how much the baby and mama rabbit love each other as it reminds me of my own mother and of my children as well. We enjoy playing a similar game with our children, one of us will ask "Guess How Much I Love You?" and then after that person asks how much we will give them an answer such as "I love you a billon times every grain of sand in the world". This book is a great addition to any collection.

The Little Snowplow Wishes For Snow By Lora Koehler (Retail $16.99)

This story follows along with a cute little snowplow who loves plowing snow. It can't snow all of the time so during the spring and the summer when there is no snow he keeps busy happily helping out the other work equipment around town as he enjoys being helpful. Although he enjoys helping out everyone he really wishes it would snow, because he loves when it snows. The weather starts to chill but there still isn't snow, so instead the little snowplow concentrates on having a good time with his friends for his birthday. It finally snows on his birthday! So he rushes off to go plow the snow and then head back to enjoy his party. We all thought this book was cute, and enjoying to read.

Along with these four wonderful books, Candlewick Press also offers dozens of great books for kids of all ages.

♡ Which of the four books do you like the best? Do you recall any books that were a favorite of yours when you were a child?

Disclaimer- The products mentioned above were provided by Candlewick Press for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Sneak in a workout at your desk with DeskCycle! + Giveaway

Between working full time, cleaning, running errands, taking care of my family, blogging and squeezing in a little me time to enjoy a video game or book, it can be hard to find extra time to do a full work out. DeskCycle has a fantastic solution that will help you squeeze in some more physical activity during your daily routine. Their cycle is just the right size to fit under your desk or in front of your sofa so you can peddle while you are working, watching tv or even reading. I received the DeskCycle 2 to test out for a review.

When it arrives some light assembly is required, you will need to attach the base legs, pedals and the monitor to the main body of the cycle. The assembly was easy and it didn't take long to put together before I was able to use the cycle. The monitor that helps keep track of how fast you are going, calories burned, time spent on it, etc. can be attached to the main body itself or it comes with a stand that can be placed on the top of your desk along with a longer cord to connect everything, so you can keep an eye on your progress. The pedals have an adjustable height so you can keep them at nine inches or ten inches.

The DeskCycle has eight different resistance settings so you can make it more challenging on yourself as you are cycling. It is easy to adjust using a dial located at the back (the part closest to you) of the cycle as you can see below:

My computer desk isn't completely open at the bottom as I have shelves on both sides of where my legs go so I got really lucky and this cycle just barely fit under my desk width wise, height wise it is perfect. My legs usually get a little restless when I am sitting at my desk and because of it I usually sit cross legged which isn't the best thing to do, so I like having this under my desk as it not only allows me a chance to add more physical activity to my day but it helps keep my legs busy.

The foot pedals have a strap so it can be adjusted to your shoe size, however I don't generally wear shoes when I am at home so there is a bit of extra space between my foot and the pedal even on it's tightest setting. Otherwise the foot pedals are comfortable both in shoes and without. The DeskCycle is light weight and easy to move, so I can grab it from under my desk and put it next to the sofa when I am playing a video game with my husband. My kids also enjoy using this they think it is a lot of fun, and enjoy seeing how fast they are going by watching the monitor. Does it actually feel like you are getting a work out in? Yes, you'll be working and moving both legs which helps blood flow and helps you burn calories while sitting instead of just sitting stationary. It also helps your joints because it helps prevent you from feeling stiff after sitting in your chair for a long stretch. When you get up you can tell you were cycling, all without getting sweaty!

Overall I am pretty happy with the DeskCycle 2, it is quiet while in use so that you don't bug anyone else who might be in the room. The base legs help keep the cycle steady so it isn't rocking side to side or too wobbly while you are using the pedals. I think it is easy and also fun to use! I wish I had one at work as well. If you are someone who uses a fitbit or similar app to help track your progress DeskCycle has a free app that syncs up with your cycle (I believe you need to directly plug it into your phone to transfer the data, I haven't actually used the app) so that you can keep an eye on your daily, weekly and even monthly progress.

One lucky reader is going to win their own DeskCycle 2.

This is open to residents of the US Only. Please remember if you DO NOT leave a comment on this blog post as your mandatory entry into the giveaway then all of your entries will be void. Doing the Daily entries will increase your chance of winning. Winners have 72 hours to respond to the notification email! Giveaway winners are announced on FACEBOOK, If you would like to see who won my latest giveaways please visit and like my facebook page. 

This giveaway ends on 11/09/2019

Giveaway entry question: Please leave me a comment letting me what your favorite DeskCyle feature is.

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Disclaimer- The products mentioned above were provided by DeskCycle for the review & giveaway free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

October Beauty & The Book Giveaway!

It is that time again! Time for the Beauty & The Book Giveaway 🖤. October is one of my favorite month's of the year, it is when the weather finally starts breaking so we not longer melt when stepping outside which means cardigan weather is coming! It is also the time of the year when all of the spooky decorations go up in the stores, I love seeing all of the new Halloween décor. Our home is decorated, we have our costumes picked out though I need to work out a detail or two, and we have some Halloween fun planned.

I wanted to go with a book that had a bit of a Halloween feel to it so I decided to go with a copy of "The Death Code" by Lindsay Cummings. Along with a new read, you'll be winning a Nicole Miller Wingin' It eyeliner set, iGlow! Nail polish set, ELF cosmetics deep red lipstick, ELF eyeliner pencil in Cosmic, A Ceramedx sample set, Eva-NYC dry shampoo, Jaskada Organics facial cream, a Jack Skellington lip balm and a face mask. Sorry but my coffin spiderweb tray is not included! I just wanted to add a little more Halloween feel to it.

There will be more great reviews & giveaways coming soon including a workout machine and more so keep an eye out for those! 

This is open World Wide! Please remember if you DO NOT leave a comment on this blog post as your mandatory entry into the giveaway then all of your entries will be void. Doing the Daily entries will increase your chance of winning. Winners have 72 hours to respond to the notification email! This giveaway is hosted by ME and is not associated with any of the brands mentioned above.

This giveaway ends on 11/05/2019

Giveaway entry question: What is your favorite Halloween/Horror/Suspense Movie or Book?

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Explore while reading with Candlewick Press.

I always encourage my children to read as much as possible, so when we are given the chance to review some new books, how could we say no? If you haven't heard of Candlewick Press you are really missing out, they have hundreds of wonderful books for all ages. I am going to share five of their great books with you on this post.

This beautiful book features artwork by more than fifty artists around the world, sharing a message about human migration. The book starts off with a seabird with a wish from it's artist that it will have a safe journey with a openhearted welcome by the other artists. You'll find hand drawn postcards in this book from twenty-five different countries and each page includes messages of hope. It is really quite an interesting and inspirational book to read.

My First Book of New York by Ingela P. Arrhenius (Retail $18.99)

My children always get a kick out of books that are over sized, this book is 10 1/4" x 13 3/4" and comes in a hardcover. This book covers a ton of information about New York, it showcases different cities and locations in those cities. I've never personally been to New York so it was neat learning more about it, I think this book would be fantastic for anyone thinking of moving to New York or writing a grade school paper on the state. This is the first in what is going to become a series, and I look forward to seeing the other states they dedicate a book too.

Playing with Collage by Jeannie Baker (Retail $16.00)

Have you ever looked at a beautiful collage made by using various items from around the house or even outside, and wondered how it was made? Jeannie Baker is well known for her astonishing collages and is now sharing some of her secrets with the world encouraging others to get creative. I like that the book helps go over different materials, tools and tricks for making your own collage. We really enjoyed this book and wanted to share it so I gave it to my sons first grade teacher so all the kids in class can use it. The book includes photos of the different tools and materials she talks about along with examples of collages she's done, just the cover alone is enough to catch your eye.

Sleep: How Nature Gets Its Rest by Kate Prendergast (Retail $16.99)

This book is for animal lovers who are curious how various animals sleep at night, it shows a number of different animals from sloths to fish and how they sleep naturally out in the wild. We enjoyed learning about the different ways animals sleep, it is neat to see that how they sleep is just as unique as they are. The illustrations are soft, calming and peaceful which goes with the theme of the book.

Walk This Underground World by Sam Brewster (Retail $19.99)

Interactive books are always a lot of fun, it is neat to come across a book that has flaps, books within books, or paper scrolls that allow you to interact with the book. This book is packed with over eighty flaps to explore and read. You'll get to explore the underground world of the subway, Egyptian pyramids, meerkat homes and more. My son has been enjoying taking his time reading through this book and has been having fun learning about each underground world.

Which of these books interests you the most? When you are looking for new books to buy for your children, or children you know, what type of books do you normally look for?

Disclaimer- The products mentioned above were provided by Candlewick Press for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Spooky October treats with Gramma In A Box!

My kids jumped for joy when they spotted the October Gramma In A Box sitting on our counter when they came home from school last week. They wanted to get into it right away but were slightly disappointed when I told them we had to wait a day or two until we were able to sit down and make our October treats. As you can imagine they were bursting with excitement when we sat down to see what was in the box and make our goodies. What is a Gramma In A Box kit? This box was originally created by owner Terry, who has grandchildren who live out of state, this box gives her and her grandchildren a chance to work on decorating cookies together over Skype, over time it has turned into a full time business for other parents and grandparents who want to do the same with their children.

Each month you'll receive supplies to create three different treats, everything you need (aside from a fork and bowl) along with instructions are in the box. The October box includes goodies to make Witch hat cookies, "Mud" cups with gummi worms and body parts, and shaped sugar cookies.

To create the Witch hats you'll need thin Oreos, melting chocolate, sprinkles and Hershey's kisses. The first step is to cover the Oreo in chocolate, the directions say to thinly spread the chocolate just on the top half of the cookie but we decided to coat both sides. After you've covered your cookie in chocolate, add a Hershey's kiss on top and sprinkles for decoration. Let the Witch hats sit on the wax paper for 3-5 minutes to let the chocolate set. We all really enjoyed these, the Oreos being thin made it to where the cookies weren't hard to eat.

I didn't realize it until they were already gone, but the photos I took of the chocolate cups we made came out blurry so I include a photo of all the treats above where you can see the cups. For these cups you'll need cocoa pebbles, the rest of the melting chocolate, gummi worms, and candy eyes/bones. Mix the cocoa pebbles with the rest of the melting chocolate until the cereal is completely coated, and add an even amount to each of the wrappers. Once you have the "dirt" or "mud" how you'd like it, you can add gummi worms and body parts as decoration. My kids enjoyed making and eating these, as you can see each cup is quite unique.

Sugar cookies! This is personally my favorite part because it is a lot of fun decorating the cookies with the kids, and they are so delicious. Some sugar cookies have too much sugar and some are too dry, these are just right and taste fresh. Gramma In A Box always includes three different piping bags with three different frosting colors to use for decorating, plus different sprinkles so you can decorate your cookies however you'd like. Above you might notice that the pumpkin has a green stem, I wanted a green stem but there were no green sprinkles so I cut off the end of one of the gummi worms to use as the stem. It is best to roll the frosting in your palms a bit before cutting them open, this will warm the frosting up a bit allowing it to be spread easier, otherwise it tends to clump up a bit.

You can purchase a singular box to try out or you can purchase a 3,6,or 12 month subscription and automatically at the start of each month your box will be shipped out. In total there are enough goodies in the box to create 15 to 20 finished items (each cookie counts as a finished item). A single box is $20 or if you buy a subscription the price lowers a bit depending on which subscription you purchase. If you are a new subscriber you need to place an order before the 3rd of each month in order to receive that month's box. This subscription service is only available in the US. During the holidays there are holiday themed items in the box which adds to the fun of the box.

Disclaimer- The products mentioned above were provided by Gramma In A Box for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Celebrate Brick Or Treat at the AZ Legoland Discovery Center!

Halloween has arrived at the Arizona Legoland Discovery Center! Brick or Treat will be here from October 4th until October 31st and they've decorated the center to get into the spooky mood of the season. What does Brick or Treat have to offer you and your child? Keep reading to find out.

The brick builders have added lots of spooky new additions to the Mini land, which is where you'll also find a scavenger hunt where you can search for a number of hidden letters to create a Halloween inspired word. At the end of the scavenger hunt we received a new Halloween pin to put onto our lanyards. I thought all of their Halloween lego additions were pretty cute, they have quite a bit hidden away inside of Mini land.

Upon entry to the discovery center we also received a small bag which contained a few lego pieces, while you are exploring the center there are five stations to find and "Brick Or Treat" at. Each station has a bucket with a different lego brick, the sign on the bucket will let you know how many of that specific brick to take. Why are you collecting legos from each station? Once you are finished Brick or Treating you'll have all of the pieces you need to build and take home a Ghost lego build.

Looking for more Halloween builds? You can help add layers to a six foot vampire figure or you can build a Pumpkin from the large pool of orange lego bricks. We really enjoyed the Halloween decorations that were put up around the center and we look forward to visiting again! I suggest buying your tickets online before heading down to the center as you'll save $2 a ticket, or look into their annual pass that allows you a year of unlimited visits to the discovery center and the Sealife Aquarium for $40 per person if purchased online.

Did you enjoy playing with Lego's growing up? If not, what was your favorite toy?, Do you have any events you'll be going to this Halloween season?

Disclaimer- Tickets to this event were provided by The Arizona Legoland Discovery Center for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

2019 Free + Cheap Halloween events for families in Arizona!

Beautiful October is here again! The weather has slowly been cooling down over the last three weeks, and various stores have filled their shelves with Halloween goodies. Halloween is just twenty eight days away, how many of you have already had a pumpkin spice coffee or donut? Have you begun shopping for your costume? If you love Halloween like my family and I do then I bet you are curious where to find some Spooktacular events to visit. I've put together a list of Free & Cheap events around Arizona my local readers. Click on the name of the event to be taken to the event page, for more info, ticket purchases, etc. While many of these are free events, keep in mind that some activities and food may cost extra.


Fifth Annual Enchanted Pumpkin Gardens October 18-27th 10AM-10PM
Where: 101 Easy Street Carefree, AZ 85377
Event Details: Stroll a garden filled with beautifully crafted Jack-O-Lanterns. This event is open during the week however it seems like you'll get the most out of it on the weekend. On weekends this annual event boasts Halloween activities for kids & adults, food for purchase, a beer garden, live market and more.
Event Costs: $15 per person


Halloween Bootique October 26th 10AM-3PM
Where: East Valley School of Music 4835 S Arizona Ave Chandler, AZ 85248
Event Details: This event is being hosted by 30 local vendors. Enjoy photo booths, massage chairs, Trick or Treating, bounce houses, a coloring contest, a costume contest & more.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Spooktacular October 25th 5:30-8:30PM
Where: Chandler Park 3 S Arizona Ave Chandler, AZ 85225
Event Details: Trick or Treating, Bounce houses, games, contest costumes & more. Food + Drinks for purchase.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Town October 10th-31st Hours Vary
Where: Phoenix Premium Outlets 4976 Premium Outlets way Chandler, AZ 85226
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Find a pumpkin, ride on rides and more. Rides are $1 each or $20 for an all day wristband, the rest is free.
Event Cost: FREE

Trunk or Treat October 26th 5-7PM
Where: Arizona Dynamics 2450 E Germann Rd Chandler, AZ 85268
Event Details: Trick or treating, bounce house, food trucks and more.
Event Cost: FREE 


Monster Mash & Dash October 24th 6PM
Where: Tortoise & Hare Sports 17570 N 75th Ave #605 Glendale, AZ 85308
Event Details: Participate in a walk/run scavenger hunt taking photos are you go to win prizes & enter into a costume contest for some fun raffle prizes. Event proceeds go towards providing new shoes to title 1 schools.
Event Cost: $10 per person

Fall Festival October 26th 11AM-3PM
Where: Dove of The Desert United Methodist Church
Event Details: Games, Bounce Houses, Dunk Tanks & Games. Ride/Game tickets available for purchase.
Event Cost: FREE to attend


Haunted Harbor Trunk or Treat October 26th 5-9:30PM
Where: Pleasant Harbor at Lake Pleasant 8708 W. Harbor Blvd. Peoria, AZ 85383
Event Details: Trunk or Treating, Costume contest, photo ops and more. Food & drinks for purchase.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Monster Bash October 26th 5-9PM
Where: Peoria Sports Complex 16101 N 83rd Ave Peoria, AZ 85382
Event Details: Costume parade, Trick or Treating, bounce houses, games, crafts, rock wall and more.
Event Cost: Free with any canned food donations

Trunk or Treat October 23rd 5-7PM
Where: Arrowhead Lexus 9238 W Bell Road Peoria, AZ 85382
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Haunted House, face painting, games and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Trunk Or Treat October 18th 4-9PM
Where: Rush Fun Park 6817 W Peoria Ave Peoria, AZ 85345
Event Details: Hosted by the entire shopping complex. Free Trunk or Treating along with complex discounts. Face painting, a train ride, petting zoo, and more
Event Cost: FREE to attend


Where: Versalles Palace 4344 W Indian School Rd #100 Phoenix, AZ 85031
Event Details: Face painting,Trick or Treat the exhibitors, meet local family friendly businesses, enjoy performances and demonstrations, plus participate in a costume contest. Costume contest is $10 to enter, grand prize receives $250.
Event Cost: Children 5 & Under are free, 4-14 are $5 and 14+ is $10.

Pumpkin Fest October 12th 3-6PM
Where: Genesis Church 13625 N 32nd St Phoenix, AZ 85032
Event Details: Food, Face paintings, Reptile petting zoo, rock climbing wall, bounce houses, free pumpkins (while supplies last, ages 15 & under) and more!
Event Cost: FREE

Howl-O-Ween October 25th-26th 6-10:30PM
Where: The Phoenix Zoo 455 N Galvin Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85008
Event Details: The zoo is transformed into a Spooky wonderland offering tons of activities for both children & adults. Activities include a funhouse maze, character meet and greets, Trick or Treating, Toxic Trail and more.
Event Cost: $12.95 per person or $9.95 if you are a zoo member, kids under 5 are free.

Boofest at Paseo Highlands October 26th 6-9PM
Where: Paseo Highlands Park 3435 W Pinnacle Peak Road Phoenix,AZ 85027
Event Details: Live entertainment, Costume Contest, Hayride, Train Ride, Bounce Houses, Trick or Treating and more. Food & Drink available to purchase.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Party for kids 10 & under October 25th 6:30-9PM
Where: Stacy J's Events 12428 N 28th Drive Phoenix, AZ 85029
Event Details: Costume contest, musical chairs, Trick or Treating and more.
Event Cost: $1

Trick or Treat at the Museum October 31st 9AM-4PM
Where: Children Museum of Phoenix 215 N 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85034
Event Details: While supplies last trick or treat through the various exhibits then play! This is free with the purchase of museum admission.
Event Cost: $14.95 for Non-museum members, Free for museum pass holders

Anime Halloween Fest October 26th 11AM-4PM
Where: Collectors Marketplace 1945 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016
Event Details: cosplay contest, live performances, artist alley, free comics and more.
Event Cost: FREE

After School Kids Halloween Tea Party October 31st 4:30-5:30PM
Where: The Teapot 818 N 5th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85034
Event Details: Get ready for trick or treat by enjoying goolish snacks, mini sandwiches and pots of "sooky" tea plus fun and games. Suitable for ages 1-8.
Event Cost: $20

Trunk or Treat Spooktacular October 27th 5-10PM
Where: Old School City 6062 S Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85042
Event Details: Trick or Treat, car show and more
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Festival October 24th 5:30-8:30PM
Where: Mt View Police Precinct 2075 E Maryland Ave Phoenix, AZ 85016
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Obstacle course, games and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Pumpkins at the Peak October 26th 5-7PM
Where: Pointe Peak Squaw Peak Resort 7677 N 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85020
Event Details: Games, pumpkins, face painting and more.
Event Cost: $5 per person OR 5 cans of food per person for the food drive.

Creepy Candy Crawl October 19th 4-6PM
Where: Desert Ridge Marketplace main stage 21001 N Tatum Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85050
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Games, and more
Event Cost: FREE

Kroc-tober October 31st 4:30-7PM
Where: Salvation Army Kroc Corps Community Center 1375 E Broadway Rd Phoenix, AZ 85040
Event Details: fun activities, trick or treat, costume contest and more.
Event Cost: FREE


Halloween Spooktacular Block Party October 25th 5-8pm
Where: The Scottsdale Promenade 16243 N Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Event Details: Interactive slime station, pumpkin decorating, face painting, a balloon artist, massage chairs, and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Spook-Track-ula October 25th-31st 6:30-9PM
Where: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park 7301 E Indian Bend Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Event Details: Take a spooky train ride that is fun for all ages, the movie Hotel Transylvania will start at 6:30 on the 25th, there will be guest appearances by the Ghostbusters on the 25th, appearances by the Avengers on the 27th, and Trick or Treating stations on Halloween.
Event Cost: Free to attend, $5 per person for a train ride.

Spooktacular Hot Air Balloon Festival October 25th & 26th 5-930PM
Where: Salt River fields at Talking Stick 7555 N Pima Road Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Event Details: Food & Drinks available for purchase, Marketplace to shop, Trick or Treating, Tethered balloon rides, costume contest, fireworks and more.
Event Cost: $15 Adults, $10 Kids 3-12, Free kids under 2

Annual Halloween Bash at OdySea October 27th 12-4PM
Where: OdySea in The Desert courtyard 9500 E Via De Ventura
Event Details: Enjoy a costume contest, Trick or Treating, Bounce houses, face painting, Raffle contests and more. Some activities may cost extra.
Event Cost: FREE

Howl-O-Ween October 26th 5-7PM
Where: Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center 27026 N 156th St Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Event Details: Trick or Treat with the animals, plus hot chocolate/apple cider and snacks will be provided. Photo ops available as well.
Event Cost: $30 Adults $20 Kids 3-12

Fall Festival October 26th 5-9PM
Where: Eldorado Park 2311 N Miller Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Haunted forest, game booths and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Haunted Graveyard October 27th-31st 6:30-10PM
Where: 8414 E Valley Vista Dr Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Event Details: This one is recommended for ages 13+, It is a Haunted Mansion/Graveyard.
Event Cost: FREE however they do accept $5 donations to help keep the place running every year.


Halloween Stroll & Costume Contest October 27th 2-5PM
Where: Hayden Square Amphitheater 404 S Mill Ave Tempe, AZ 85281
Event Details: Festive Crafts, games, Trick or Treating, a costume contest and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Family Halloween Carnival October 26th 5-9PM
Where: Kiwanis Park 5500 S Mill Ave Tempe, AZ 85281
Event Details: Live entertainment, Costume Contest, games, food booths and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Creepy Candy Crawl October 25th 6:30-8:30PM
Where: Tempe Marketplace district stage 2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy Tempe, AZ 85281
Event Details: Trick or Treating, Costume contests, photo booths, games and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Trick or Treat Main Street October 31st 11am-2pm
Where: Downtown Mesa, Event starts and Main St and MacDonald.
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Games and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Brick or Treat October 4th-31st Hours very
Where: Arizona Legoland Discovery Center 5000 S Arizona Mills Circle #135 Tempe, AZ 85282
Event Details: Legoland transform into a Spooktacular sight, help build a 6 foot tall Dracula, go on a spooky scavenger hunt and more. All is free with admission into the facility.
Event Cost: $17.95 if you buy online, $2 more if you buy in store.

Fall Festival October 18th 7-9PM
Where: LFPA Alta Mesa 5761 E Brown Rd Mesa, AZ 85250
Event Details: Trunk or Treating, Bounce houses, Haunted house, Food and more.
Event Price: $3 game wristbands, $2 Haunted house tickets, FREE Trunk or Treating

Other Areas:

Boo at the Zoo October 31st 6-9PM
Where: Heritage Park Zoo 1403 Heritage Park Road Prescott, AZ 86301
Event Details: Trick or Treat and bring a flashlight to see the animals in their nocturnal state.
Event Cost: $5 for zoo members, $8 for non-zoo members.

Halloween Festival October 25th 5-8PM
Where: Prescott YMCA Gym 750 Whipple Street Prescott, AZ 86301
Event Details: Food + Drinks for purchase. Games, face painting, pumpkin bowling and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Fall Festival October 26th 5-8PM
Where: Prescot United Methodist Church 505 W Gurley St Prescott, AZ 86301
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Free popcorn, crafts, $1 hot dogs and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Festival October 26th 5-8PM
Where: Flatiron Community Park 100 N Apache Trail Apache Junction, AZ 85120
Event Details: Costume contest, Pumpkin carving, games & More. Food, Drinks + game tickets for purchase.
Event Cost: FREE to attend

Halloween Fall Festival October 31st 5-8PM
Where: Veterans Memorial Park 3105 E Fry Blvd Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Event Details: Trick or Treating, Games and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween in the Hills October 31st 4-8PM
Where: The Avenue of Fountains 16703 E Ave of the fountains Fountain Hill, AZ 85268
Event Details: Costume contest, trick or treating, games, and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Carnival October 26th 5-9PM
Where: Earl Edgar Recreation Center 500 S Miller Road Buckeye, AZ 85326
Event Details: Trick or Treating, Games, and more. Tickets are $0.50 each, food + drink for purchase.
Event Cost: FREE 

Boo at the Zoo October 25th-27th 6-8PM
Where: Reid Park Zoo 3400 Zoo Court Tucson, AZ 85716
Event Details: Photo Ops, Trick or treat, Haunted trails and more.
Event Cost: $11 for non-zoo members & $9 for zoo members

Show Low Spooktacular Festival October 27th 12-8PM
Where: Main Street 1031 E Deuce of Clubs Show Low, AZ 85901
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Pumpkin bowling, Pony Rides and much more.
Event Cost: FREE

Halloween Harvest Festival October 31st 5:30-8:30PM
Where: Paul Mason Sports Complex 2525 N Pinal Ave Casa Grande, AZ 85122
Event Details: Trick or Treat, Bounce Houses, Games and more.
Event Cost: FREE

Fall Festival October 19th 5-9PM
Where: Goodyear Ball Park 1933 S Ballpark Way Goodyear, AZ 85338
Event Details: Trick or Treating, Bounce houses, games and more.
Event Cost: FREE

This is not a sponsored post, My family loves Halloween and we love attending these type of events so I wanted to share a easy to find list with all of you! I listed everything I could find, but your city may still have local events being hosted by schools, etc that I do not know about.

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Will you be dressing up or visiting any events/pumpkin patches in your area?

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Halloween reads for kids from Candlewick Press!

It is officially October which means it is almost time for Halloween! I love October, one of my favorite things to do is watch Halloween movies and read Halloween themed books. If  you are looking for some Spooktacular books to read with your kids, I have several great books to share with you to get you into the holiday mood.

Pick A Pumpkin by Patricia Thot (Retail $16.99)

This book features a family going on an adventure to the pumpkin patch to search for perfect pumpkins to carve into Jack-O-Lanterns. Our family loves going to the pumpkin patch each fall to enjoy the festivities and select pumpkins to bring home, so we really related to this book. It had reto illustrations that gave it a vintage Halloween vibe, I enjoyed reading this with the kids. The same author also has a winter themed book "Pick A Pine Tree".

Hide And Seek by Katie May Green (Retail $16.99)

Hide and Seek is a rather interesting and imaginative book. The book starts off inside of a estate that has several paintings on the walls that feature different children, when the sun goes down and the moon comes up the children come to life in the moonlight. When a number of the children climb out of their frames to play, they realize the twins are missing from their frame meaning it is time to play Hide and Seek. The book follows them on their hide and seek adventure all through the night, eventually they do find the twins and they all head home before sunrise.

Where's The Witch? by Ingela P. Arrhenius (Retail $8.99)

This book is made for children ages birth to three years. This is a felt flap book where your child will search for which flap the Witch is hiding under, along the way you'll find other spooky friends under the flaps. On the last page there is a mirror under the flap so your child gets the surprise of finding themselves in the book as well.

The Right One for Roderic by Violeta Noy (Retail $16.99)

Follow along with Roderic the ghost on his adventure to find something to wear that helps him stick out. He is the smallest ghost in his family and feels like he is invisible compared to everyone else, especially because they all wear the same white sheet. On his journey he tries on a variety of different things from hats, to table cloths and more determined to find something he likes. In the end he finds something he loves, and the ghosts tell him they love him how he is but they also like his outfit and they all start wearing fun clothing as well. I thought this was a really cute book that helps the reader realize they are perfect how they are!

Disclaimer- The products mentioned above were provided by Candlewick Press for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.