Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Four great books that celebrate Grandparents!

Some of my favorite memories from when I was a child are with my grandparents, I fondly remember baking cookies with my grandmother and going out to look at holiday lights for a few hours after sun down while listening to holiday tunes. I am grateful my children have my mother/step-father and their fathers dad/step-mom to spend time with and create memories that will last a lifetime. Grandparents Day was on September 8th but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate the grandparents in your life! Today I am going to share four great books with you that are about grandparents.

This book features a family that is enjoy a meal together around a table built by the Grandfather of the family, and it concentrates on all of the items placed on the table from different people of the family to make the meal and table whole. It shows napkins sewn by the mother, and more which shows you that each person in the family has something important to add. The pictures in this were bright and what stood out to me the most is that this book features a multi-cultured family.

My Grandma and Me (Retail $16.99)

Out of the four books, I liked this book the most as my great grandmother was one of the people I was closest with growing up. This sweet book follows along with a little girl who's grandmother lives with her family in Iran. Each day the little girl wakes up excited to spend the day with her grandmother doing their daily routine such as picking out fresh bread, visiting their neighbor, praying and more. You can truly feel the love between the two while you are reading through the book. 

Grandpa's Top Three (Retail $16.99)

This book I was a bit on the fence about, it starts off with a little boy named Henry wanting to chat with his grandfather but his grandfather is doing yard work and doesn't say anything to Henry the entire time. The mother of Henry encourages him to keep trying so finally his grandpa responds hesitantly with his top three sandwiches and Henry goes and makes them for him. From there the Grandpa opens up a bit and Henry starts asking his other top threes, and they share about what each of them loves while eating the sandwiches that were made. 

Our Favorite Day (Retail $16.99)

I like the unique approach to the illustrations in this book, it looked like a layered paper effect was used and I enjoyed looking through all the pictures with my kids. This story follows along with a Grandfather while he goes about his daily actives, which are pretty much the same daily expect for one very special day - Thursday! Why is Thursday so special? It is the day he stops to pick up craft supplies to do with his grandchild when they come to spend the afternoon with him, he also stops to pick up their favorite meal to enjoy together. Overall we enjoyed this book. 

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  2. These children's book would definitely be good for the kids in order for them to appreciate their grandparents 😍😍

  3. These are so very cute. They would be the perfect gift to give a new grandparent when they are first finding out.

  4. Such cute books. I like books that encourage family bonds.

  5. Such adorable books! We have our favorite day and my kids love it!

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  7. I would love these books to read to my grandchildren.