Thursday, May 2, 2019

Two great books for your child's summer reading list.

Looking for some books to add to your child's summer reading list? I highly suggest looking to see what Candlewick Press has to offer, they have dozens of books for different age ranges and each one will take you on a unique adventure. Today I will be sharing two of these books here with you.

Written by  Mac Barnett
Retail value: $15.99

"This book is about Circle. This book is also about Circle’s friends, Triangle and Square. Also it is about a rule that Circle makes, and how she has to rescue Triangle when he breaks that rule. With their usual pitch-perfect pacing and subtle, sharp wit, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen come full circle in the third and final chapter of their clever shapes trilogy."

This is a cute little picture book about three shapes that are friends and a game of Hide & Seek they play. I really like the way this book was put together, it has a hardcover outside but the papers inside are thin and feel nice when turning the pages. The story went by quickly but it is a book you'd want to read more than once so it is okay that the story is shorter. This is also a good read for young children who are starting their reading journey.

Written by Allan Wolf
Retail value: $17.99

"The universe poured into me. My brain was overloaded. It smoked and glowed red-hot. And then
it actually exploded.

Ever wonder what the sun has to say about being the closest star to Earth? Or what Pluto has gotten up to since being demoted to a dwarf planet? Or where rocket ships go when they retire? Listen closely, because maybe, just maybe, your head will explode, too. With poetry that is equal parts accurate and entertaining — and illustrations that are positively out of this world — this book will enthrall amateur stargazers and budding astrophysicists as it reveals many of the wonders our universe holds. Space travelers in search of more information will find notes about the poems, a glossary, and a list of resources at the end"

I enjoy all of the fun, creative and imaginative poems in this book. There are poems about the sun, poems about stars, if it is in space there is a poem for it. This book is a neat way to explore the solar system with your child.

Disclaimer- The products mentioned above were provided by CandleWick Press for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

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