Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Candlewick Press Releases.

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Candlewick Press for the review  free of charge.**

Good Evening fellow bookworms, I have three great new books to share with you from Candlewick Press. If you haven't heard of Candlewick Press I highly suggest heading over to check out their website, they offer dozens of fun and interesting books to keep your mind and your children's minds engaged.

By Sam Usher
Retail Value $16.99 USD 

"Despite the stormy weather, a boy and his granddad decide it's the perfect day for kite flying. First they have to find the kite . . . then their adventure really takes off!". I personally love stormy days that are slightly cloudy with a little bit of wind and light showers, makes for the perfect time to relax on the porch reading a book or playing a game with the family while the weather is cooler. Kite flying is always a good option as well for windy days and this grandson/granddad duo made the best of their day and they show the reader where a little imagination could lead them.

The book is easy to follow along with even for beginners,and it offers dozens of fall colors illustrations that help make you feel like it could really be storming out. This book also have three others in the series called Rain, Snow and Sun so be sure to check them all out.

By Nicola Davies
Retail Value $16.99

This is a captivating story about a heartbreaking yet hopeful journey of a little girl who is forced to become a refugee after war takes her home away. The book starts off with her having a normal day sitting down to breakfast with her parents and little brother then she went to school. While she is at school war breaks out in her city and the book takes a turn from cheery and colorful to bleak and smokey.

Most people don't think about war on a day to day basis due to where they live and this book really makes you think about everything that has happened, is happening and might still happen at any time. Two of the pages that really struck me the most read as "I can't say the words that tell you about the blackened hole that had been my home. All I can say is this: War took everything. War took everyone. I was ragged,bloody all alone." Though her story and journey is long and sad I am glad she found kindness and love in the end. The book may seem a bit dark for some but it is worth the read, even if it is only once. In the back of the book is information on how you can help children like the one in this story by visiting www.helprefugees.org

By Marion Dane Bauer
Retail Value $17.99

"The miracle of every child is also the miracle of our planet: each made from stardust." This book made me excited to read not only because I find space and stars fascinating, but also because looking at the front cover I knew this book would be full of enchanting illustrations and I was right.

This book is about how the universe, planets, people and animals came to be and how everyone and everything is made up of stardust. We loved all of the bright and engaging colors, patterns and designs throughout the book. Instead of sketching everything out it looks like they used paint on a canvas to create various patterns then photograph the canvas to use in the book. The stuff of stars is easy to follow along with for all ages.

All of these books can be purchased on their website, amazon or Barnes & Nobles for $20 or less.

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