Saturday, August 18, 2018

Pamper yourself like a super hero with these Incredibles 2 beauty sets!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by TownleyGirl for the review free of charge.**

If you haven't seen The Incredibles 2 what are you waiting for? My family and I were all big fans of the movie and we absolutely loved Jack-Jack during the entire film. I would say it lived up to what we were hoping for, although I know a few people were disappointed with a few words that were added into the movie I thought it was a fun family movie.

My daughter and I are big fans of the products created by Townleygirl that center around beloved characters such as super heroes, Disney Princesses, Emojis and more. When we were offered a chance to check out a few of their Incredibles themed items we couldn't say no.

Incredibles 2 Lip Gloss Set with Bonus Tin - Retail $6.99 This kit includes three lip gloss tubes with a character attachment and a carrying tin (plastic) to hold everything. We thought this set was pretty cute when it came to the over all product packaging, even the tubes themselves had a printed pattern that goes along with the movie. I like that the tin can also be used to store cash, jewelry, etc after the lip gloss is long gone. Their lip gloss formula actually isn't bad, normally I don't like lip gloss because it is too thick but theirs seems just right and is actually pretty moisturizing. Plus if you accidentally get some lip gloss in your mouth there is no taste to it good or bad.

Incredibles 2 Lip Balm with Mirror - Retail $5.99 This set comes with a handheld mirror, nail stickers and two lip balms. We did think it was slightly off the set came with nail stickers as it seemed a little out of place, my daughter thinks a comb or some kind of brush would have been a better option. The mirror is pretty sturdy and can stand up to a lot, my daughter has a Trolls mirror just like it which has been dropped several times without breaking or cracking. The lip balms are nice and the nail stickers are fun.

Incredibles 2 Lip Balm Set with Bonus Bag - Retail $7.99 This set comes with three lip balms, three bouncy balls and a storage bag. The lip balms are nice, they have a nice scent the formula seem to be just right to where your lips don't feel greasy or oil. The kids loved that they came with bouncy balls, the little plastic piece on top of the lip balm cap holds the ball perfectly so you can easily take it with you on the go. The kids did think it would be neat to see a set of these with just the three kids on them. The little coin storage bag this comes with is nice as well and can be used for multiple purposes. 

Over all we were pretty happy with these products though a bit bummed Jack-Jack wasn't more predominant on a product or two as a stand alone character like the rest of the family. (Violet isn't really in these products either aside from family shots but she is on other products in this series.) Our favorite thing about TownleyGirl is how affordable their sets are and how much fun they make everything.

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