Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Glass Garden at Butterfly Wonderland.

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.I received two tickets to check out the exhibit to take photos and form my opinion on the event for free in exchange for this post no other compensation was given.**

Have you heard of Butterfly Wonderland? It is a unique rainforest experience in Arizona that gives you an up close experience with dozens of butterfly species and plants. While attractions such as Butterfly Wonderland are always enjoyable to visit it is kind of like the zoo after a few visits it all starts to feel a little like the same thing so it is wonderful when they add exhibits, host events, etc. to spice things up. At the moment Butterfly Wonderland is hosting 'The Glass Garden' which is an exhibit on the local artist Newt Grover and his glass works of beauty. Plus if you are like me and haven't been there a while (it's been a few years for me) they also have added a great reptile section plus they still have their bee hive, insects and fish.

Each piece being shown was created especially for the rain forest conservatory where they house their butterflies. The glass pieces blend in and intertwine with the plants and trees beautifully and naturally. I suggest arriving when they first open, Arizona can get pretty hot as is and they keep the conservatory a bit humid with misters to keep the butterflies and birds happy, towards the end of the day you may sweat a bit so beating the heat is a great idea.

I've shared a few of the pieces above but I will leave the rest to be discovered when you visit the Butterfly Wonderland. The experience as a whole is quite unique and is well worth the price especially if you are a big fan of butterflies, you get to see them in various stages and you get to get up close to them.

The Glass Garden is being featured for a limited time so check it out while you can! Even if you miss the glass garden I suggest heading out to check out Butterfly Wonderland anyway because there aren't many changes to be around this many species of butterflies. If you are lucky enough one might even land on you, and many will fly very close to you so you'll be able to make out all of their fine details. Tickets are $23.95 per adult and $15.95 for children, however they also offer combo passes (with Odysea Aquarium, Mirror Maze, etc) and they offer yearly passes.