Thursday, May 17, 2018

Treat yourself to these 22 Birthday Freebies!

* This is not a paid or a sponsored post, this is just a fun post I put together for my readers. I have included links directly to the sign up page for each birthday treat.

Birthday's can be a lot of fun but it can also be a bit of a bummer if you don't have anything planned but luckily for you there are plenty of places that offer free birthday treats so you can spend the day treating yourself to some free treats. If you are single or use some of these places for breakfast/lunch you can go almost a week with a free meal per day. Most of these places are food related but there are a few makeup freebies as well. My birthday was on the 6th so I will include some photos of the freebies I scored!

Here is a list of lots of different places that offer freebies on your birthday! (Note: Several of these will require you to show ID to prove it is your birthday). In order to get all of these freebies you need to be signed up for the newsletters/birthday club/rewards program with your updated birthday, none of these places charge to be part of their programs. You need to be signed up for these programs at least two weeks before your birthday to get some of these.


Ulta - Offers a different freebie depending on which quarter of the year it is, currently they are offering a travel size NARS blush. This reward can be claimed at anytime during the month of your birthday.

Sephora - Offers your choice of two birthday gifts which will stay the same year round. This year they are offering your choice between a Bite lip sample trio or a GlamGlow sample set. This reward can be claimed at anytime during the month of your birthday.

Disney Movie Rewards - Offers a free 100 points for your birthday!

Disneyland/Disneyworld - If you happen to be lucky enough to be at either Disneyland or Disneyworld around your birthday you can request a birthday pin to clip onto your bag or shirt. (ask any of the shops for the pin) plus you might get lucky and have one of the cast members offer you stickers, free front of the ride passes and more from showing off your pin but remember to be in a happy/nice mood :)

Dave & Busters - Offers a free $10 in game play for your birthday (must register one of your cards)

RedBox - Offers a free one night rental on a DVD or game. 

Out Of Africa Zoo (in Camp Verde, Arizona) - Offer a free admission into the park during the month of your birthday with photo ID. 

At Home Store - Offers a 10% off coupon for your birthday

AMC - Free Large popcorn, but if you are a STUBs member ($12 a year and completely worth it if you watch a lot of movies) you get a large popcorn and a large drink.

Dunkin' Donuts - Offers a free coffee in your choice of size, you'll also get a free coffee just for signing up for an account.

Krispy Kreme - Offers a free doughnut plus your choice of a coffee or a soda, you'll also get a free doughnut for signing up for an account.

Denny's - Offers a free Grand Slam on your birthday! This offer is only valid on your birthday and requires ID but you do not need the coupon to claim this just tell your waitress and show your ID at the restaurant.

 IHop - Offers a free breakfast on your birthday (I believe the coupon is good for the week of your birthday)

Einstein Bro Bagels - Offers a free egg breakfast sandwich. (coupon is valid for a week after your birthday)

Jamba Juice - Offers a free small smoothie. (coupon valid for 30 days)

Baskin Robbins - Offers a free scoop of ice cream plus a coupon for $ off a cake.

Starbucks - Offers a free coffee  (you need to have a starbucks gift card linked to your account for them to load this freebie)

Red Robin - Offers a free Burger. (valid anytime during your birthday month)

Del Taco - Offers a free milkshake.

Firehouse Subs - Offers a free medium sub of choice. (Coupon good for 7 days, you won't get sent this coupon until the day of your birthday)

Jersey Mike's Subs - Offers a free regular size sub + a med drink.

Sprinkles Cupcakes - Offers a free cupcake.

There are also a bunch of other places that offer different freebies or coupons for Bogo items such as Dairy Queen, Cold Stone, etc that require you to buy something to get a freebie. All of the places mentioned above are places I can confirm do the freebies because I either visited them on my birthday or I was sent a coupon.


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