Wednesday, May 9, 2018

BugBand Mosquito Repellent Review & Giveaway!

**This was not a paid post. The products mentioned below have been provided by BugBand for the review & giveaway free of charge however my honest opinions were used. The opinions expressed below are solely my own & they may vary from others.**

The weather is heating up here in Arizona which means it is time for us to start camping again! We generally don't go camping when it is colder because the nights are unbearable and it seems like you'll never warm up and having to crawl out into the night to use the bathroom is the worst. Sadly the warmer summers months also means Mosquito's will start their mission for blood.

No one wants to leave a BBQ covered in mosquito bites or wake up while camping to find they are covered in mosquito bites. We are always sure to bring bug repellent with us but some of them have such a harsh smell it is almost difficult to be around.

I recently received the chance to work with the company BugBand on a review of their Deet-free mosquito repellents. I was sent their Family pack which contains a container of jumbo towelettes, a pack of individually wrapped towelettes, a 6oz insect repellent spray lotion along with a 3oz spray lotion. The lotion actually doesn't smell bad and has an almost pleasant smell, it has some citrus tones to it along with a citronella scent. I found the lotion to be more of a spray as it came out more of a liquid than you would expect in a lotion but it spread evenly and will help you cover a larger area of skin in one application.

I think the towelettes are pretty neat as well, it is the first time I've ever used a product like this and I like that the towelettes weren't soaked with the repellent. The smell isn't over whelming and the product is easy to use, I am looking forward to using the spray on lotion and the towelettes on our next camping trip.

I also received a set of bug bands which is a bracelet that can be worn to repel the nasty bugs! They do have a bit of a stronger scent than the lotion and towelettes but it isn't that bad. I like that they each come with their own little container because you can put it back inside of it when you are done and use it until the scent is gone. The bracelets have slots that make them adjustable so kids all the way up to adults can wear them, plus they come in assorted colors such as the glow in the dark band I am wearing above so everyone can pick out a color they like. All of their product states that it repels not only mosquitoes but it also repels flies, gnats, no-see-ums, fleas and ticks which are all pests that I don't want any where near me so it makes these products even better.

Only Lucky Reader is going to win their own Family Pack.

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This giveaway ends on 05/19/2018
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Giveaway entry question: Please leave me a comment letting me know which of the pesky pests mentioned above you'd love to repel with these products. 

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  1. I need something to repel flies. I hate them.

  2. I would love to repel mosquitos. They seem to attract to my granddaughther insanely.

  3. Gnats i would love to repel them so bad they are aggervating

  4. I would like to repel mosquitos and ticks, my husband has issues with gnats and no-see-ums when he plays golf and I have had trouble finding something that works for him. I would love to see how this product does!

  5. I would love to repel mosquitos! They're horrible! Thanks for the chance at this!

  6. Definitely mosquitos they are awful here, but it would be an extra bonus if this worked on ticks and dear/black flies. I would love to find anything that worked on deer flies, their bite affect me more than anything else and they always bite around your face and make my eyes swell so much it looks like I was in a fight.

  7. Nicole LancasterMay 13, 2018 at 9:43 PM

    I would love to repel Mosquitoes with BugBand products.

  8. Would like to repel mosquitos

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