Thursday, February 8, 2018

PaRragon Books December Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by PaRragon for the review free of charge.**

 As many of you know I was on a short hiatus due to various reasons, I do have a few posts to get caught up on so I will be getting those started along with bringing some new content your way as well. PaRragon books has a book program for bloggers that offers a look at a few of their books each month and my kids love when the box shows up on our door because it is always packed full of fun. This post is sharing the box I received in December so it will contain a few Christmas related books.


Things You Never Knew About Santa Claus; This is a fun and entertaining book for small kids and I am sure a few big kids would get a kick out of this book as well. It goes over things such as why Santa has rosy cheeks and a round belly,  and it features him doing a number of silly and crazy things. Did you know Santa has a dragon named Blaze? Neither did I until we read this book together. The kids got a kick out of this book and it was a fun book to read during the holidays. I see my kids maybe reading this once or twice during the year otherwise I think this will be a seasonal book for us to read together. The illustrations were well done, colorful and kept the attention of my youngest. It is a thirty two page book and it has a hard cover, it is best suited for ages 3-6.

Creative Experience; This is a crayola Beatles themed activity book great for fans of all ages who love the Beatles. I personally have never been a fan of the Beatles so this wasn't a book that really made me excited, but I have some family members I know would love this so it was a win-win. The book offers several different activities that range from coloring to word coding and puzzles. This book is sixty-four pages of creativity and the paper type if is printed on is actually quite nice, I don't see this activity book falling apart from too much use like some cheap coloring or activity books can/will.

Hello Christmas; This is a cute Christmas themed peek-a-boo book for toddlers ages 6-24 months, it has vivid colors printed on board which means it can stand up to being beat up a little bit from your toddler. It is a short book and a short story which is perfect for the age range since they are usually distracted easily and will quickly be on their way to doing something else. This book is a bit on the younger side for my children but it was still a pretty cute book!

The Littlest Snowman; This is another cute Christmas toddler book for ages 0-24 months, it features a cute little snowman puppet and a short seven page story that is easy to follow along with and offers eye catching graphics. It is a board book which is great for this age range because it can stand up to quite a bit from young children.

Marvelous Mixed Puzzles; As the title suggest this book offers a marvelous mixture of puzzles and it includes a little bit of everything. One of my favorite things to do to de-stress a little bit and get my mind off of things is to play Sudoku so I was happy to see this book included that along with crossword puzzles, number links, word chains and more it offers over two HUNDRED puzzles!! It is sure to keep you entertained for several hours and is just the right size to throw into your purse or backpack to easily carry it around with you for when you are stuck in the doctors office, on a bus or just somewhere not that entertaining. I am really enjoying this book and I am glad they included it.

All of these books can be purchased on Amazon and all for under $10.

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