Monday, January 15, 2018

CandleWick Press Review & Giveaway

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CandleWick Press is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to find books because of the wide range of books they sell for every age. I've shared several of their books with you in the past and now I am here to share a few more.

A World of Information Retail: $25 USD

When I was a kid I remember enjoying a lot of fantasy books but I also enjoyed a good book of information such as the survival books for kids so when I was offered a chance to review a book called "A World of Information" I knew it would be an instant hit but I didn't realize exactly how many subjects this book went over. This book is great not only for kids but it can also be very informative for adults as well, it goes over knot types, cloud classifications, the solar system, music notation, the greek alphabet, time zones & tectonic plates, and more. Each subject has two pages dedicated to it and since the book is so large measuring just over 10" x 14" it actually holds quite a bit of information on both pages. Everything is easy to understand and entertaining so it holds your attention. I'd say this book is well worth the price, and it is recommended for all ages it is never too soon or too late to learn something new.

The Wolf, The Duck, and the Mouse Retail: $17.99 USD

This is an interesting book to say the least, the book is the story about a mouse that gets swallowed by a wolf and a duck that he meets in the wolfs belly. Both make a home inside the wolf and eventually when a hunter tries to shoot the wolf both the duck and the mouse run out of the wolf and attack the hunter then they go to live back inside of the wolf. The whole thing seemed a bit odd to me and I do have to admit isn't one of my favorite books but I can see how it might be humerus to children since the idea of animals living inside of the belly of another animal is a bit silly. This book is recommended for ages 4-8.

Knightology: A True Account of the Most Valiant Knights Retail: $24.99 

This is another book that is packed full of information and it is a blast to read at the same time because it includes several interactive flaps, envelopes you can open, books within a book and more. As stated on their website "From the secret order of Round Table Knights comes a tell-all guide to the mythical occupation of knighthood — its history, mysterious quests, and puzzles that live on to this day." each page has a ton of information on each aspect of the life of a knight, there is even two pages that go over information on their horses which covers the different types of horses they used along with the different armor. Over all this is a fantastic book and is really great for the kids interested in knowing more about being a knight or about this time period.

Harry Potter: Magical Film Projections: Quidditch Retail: $16.99

This is a great gift for any Harry Potter lover, it is a 16 page book that features various scenes from the Harry Potter films. Each scene is featured as a black line illustrations on framed acetate page which allows you to shine a light through it to project the image onto the wall enlarging the scene which is a lot of fun. Each page also has information on what is happening in the scene. My daughter loves this book and it is sure to be cherished for quite some time. I found the image didn't enlarge quite as much as we thought it would but it was still a lot of fun. This is recommended for ages 7-10 but it would also make a great gift for any avid Harry Potter fans at any age.

Two lucky winners are each going to receive a copy of the book La La La: A Story of Hope which was featured on my last review.

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  1. I've heard of Candlewick Press, but never had seen anything written up about it. Such nice books!

  2. I think Id like A World of Information but the Knightology really strikes my interest also for some reason. I like real history

  3. I THINK the wolf the duck and the mouse would be the first choice for Emily, Dylan and I , thanks very much

  4. I think I like Knightology: A True Account of the Most Valiant Knights the best. My son is almost 13. I think he would enjoy that.