Monday, November 13, 2017

PaRragon October Book Buddy Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by PaRragon for the review free of charge.**

October's Parragon Book Buddies box review is slightly late and I apologize for that! It arrived shortly before my wedding/honeymoon so I am just now getting to it but for those of you who are very excited for the upcoming Disney Pixar film Coco you are in for a treat! Octobers book buddy box features a number of fun and activity filled Coco books along with a special treat which is Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Each of the books included in the October PaRragon book buddy box can be purchased via Amazon, many of them are actually listed a bit cheaper than the suggested retail price on the back of the books. Ready to see what was in the October box? Everything is featured below:

Disney Pixar Friends Forever; Retail Value $4.99. This coloring and activity set features forty four pages of coloring sheets and activities plus four sheets of stickers perfect for ages 5-8. Instead of having an assortment of stickers to randomly put on folders and arms this book has four pages of activity stickers that have a specific spot in the book. The first twelve pages tell a story and are where you will place the interactive stickers, after that you will find coloring pages and games such as mazes. I like that the story book pages are in full color and have a different paper finish than the coloring pages because it makes it seem as though the stickers would be easy to remove if your child were to misplace it. This coloring book had enough of a variety of activity subjects to keep them entertained.

Disney Pixar Coco Mosaic Stickers By Numbers; Retail Value $7.99. This interactive book has twelve pages of mosaic stickers and twenty four pages of blank mosaic images that are each numbered. As a kid I always enjoyed the color by number activities so I knew this was something my kids would enjoy, it says it is recommended for kids ages 8-12 but I think this would be great for younger kids as well because it helps with their coordination and matching skills. Some of the pages are easy and only have a handful of places that need stickers and others are more intricate and will take more patience. I think this would be a great addition to any birthday or holiday gift bag for kids. It is full of color and isn't a book they will finish in a few minutes so it is worth the purchase.


Disney Pixar Coco Sing Your Song; Retail Value $7.99. This coloring book is only one out of two in the book buddy box that did not come with stickers, instead it comes with sixty-four activity packed pages and two pop-out sugar skull masks. This book is suggested for ages 6-10 but would also be great even for kids up until 15/16 because there are a lot of thought provoking activities such as pages that ask you to draw your own adventures, write your own song and set future goals for yourself. This is another activity book in the set I received that will take quite a while to complete and is completely worth purchasing.


Disney Pixar Coco Always Remember; Retail Value $5.99. This fun coloring book doesn't include any stickers but it does come with a cute skull shaped crayon holder with four crayons and is my favorite book in the book buddy box. I really like that most of the coloring pages feature a black background because it will really help make the colors you put on the paper pop. I am actually working on coloring one of the pages myself and will post it on my instagram once I am done. This book is recommended for kids 6-10 and has a lot of fun coloring designs to fill in.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure; Retail Value $4.99. This cute winter themed coloring book features the very lovable Olaf, you will get to join him on his adventures with some of his Frozen friends. It has forty-eight coloring and activity pages, one page of stickers and four crayons for your enjoyment. This coloring book features page after page of adorable illustrations for you to color and fill in and has all of your favorite Frozen characters. This is a great book for all Frozen lovers and would make a great addition to any gift during the holidays.

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