Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Nerdy Noms Giveaway & Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Nerdy Noms for the review & giveaway free of charge.**

Almost everyone loves chocolate, it is tasty and puts a smile on your face so what could make it even better? The answer is chocolate in the shapes of some of your favorite fandoms/hobbies. I recently found a Etsy shop called Nerdy Noms that sells a wide variety of chocolates in different shapes and colors and I was enchanted by what her shop had to offer. You can see which chocolates I received below along with my thoughts on them and you can enter to win some chocolate of your own. If that isn't awesome enough as is Nerdy Noms also sells blind dates with a book.

Chocolate Dragon Egg with Baby Dragon: This sweet treat is inspired by the egg Hagrid wins that Norbert hatches from in Harry Potter. This chocolate egg is hollow and can come in a variety of colors, the one I received was black/red and came in a lovely little gift box that kept it safe during shipping. When you crack the egg open you will find cinnamon dots (red hots) and a chocolate baby dragon. The chocolate did tend to absorb a little of the spicy cinnamon flavor from the red hots, it gave the chocolate a nice kick and was quite enjoyable but if you aren't a fan of hot candies I would possibly avoid this one. This product sells for $20.

Hogwarts House Chocolate Frogs: All fans of Harry Potter are fully aware of the sweet treat chocolate frogs and I am sure most have always wanted to try out a chocolate frog. Thankfully these little guys won't try to hop away on you so you won't have to worry about eating it quickly. Each frog has a different color chocolate filling to match one of the four Hogwarts houses, you won't know which one you picked until you bite into it. These would be a great idea for any Harry Potter themed party. There are no added flavors per color the chocolate is simply colored to make the chocolate frogs more fun. The frogs taste like creamy delicious chocolate. You can buy a six pack for $8 you have the option to select a single house, receive an assortment or pick a house with gift wrapping for an extra two dollars.

Firefly Serenity Vessels: The ships were a big hit with the kids, they thought the shape was fun and it is chocolate so they were double excited and couldn't wait to have one once they finished their dinner. Each chocolate has just the right amount to satisfy your craving without over eating sweets. You can buy a six pack for $7.50-$10.50 depending on which flavor you select.

GOT Stark Logo Coin: This is also what looks like a new chocolate in her shop, it is about 3" x 3" and features the Stark logo. This one had slight air bubbles along the logos hair line but it didn't make any difference in the taste and it still looked great. Each coin comes package separately so again this would make a great party favor or holiday gift for any Game of Thrones lover.

Open Book Chocolate: This chocolate is a great size, we are a family of four and we were able to cut four slices about half an inch in width from each size of the book so it lasted for two days worth of desserts. My kids got a kick out of the book and loved how big it was, as with all of the chocolates from Nerdy Noms the chocolate was creamy and tasted great however I don't suggest leaving the chocolate within a few feet of the stove hahaha I forgot and my book melted slightly while I was cooking dinner. Each book sells for $10 each and comes in plain or you can get it decorated with roses.

Chocolate Pixel Hearts: This set of chocolate comes in a number of flavors ranging from classics like light coco to fun flavors like pumpkin spice. I didn't actually measure them but going off of a guess I'd say these hearts are about 1"x1"x1/2" thick, you can eat it in two bites or one if you eat it like a chipmunk. You will get a dozen for $6-$8 depending on the flavor you select.

Harry Potter Book Of Spells: This is a fun take on a Harry Potter themed chocolate product, you will receive a small box labeled "Book Of Spells" which contains one chocolate frog and one chocolate rat for $5. The box was a little bit of a pain in the butt to open without ripping it open otherwise we loved this item and thought it was a great idea.

Nerdy Noms also has seasonal inspired chocolates, The Walking Dead themed chocolates and more all at awesome prices! Everything I received arrived in perfect condition and tasted great. I will be posting a separate post to review their Blind Date with a book.

One lucky winner will receive their choice of any 1 listing from her shop.

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  1. I'd get the Hogwarts House Chocolate Frogs for my grandson's mom...she LOVES Harry Potter!

  2. That is not Slave 1. That is Serenity from Firefly. http://www.seansgallery.com/newpics/ortho0010.jpg
    I love Large Chocolate Death Star and Large Millennium Falcon or even the little Serenity ships. Firefly is a great BTW, I highly recommend it.

  3. My favorite is the chocolate fall leaves. Fall is my favorite time of year because of all the beautiful leaves. I have never seen chocolate fall leaves before. They look almost to good to eat. Almost.

  4. Chocolate pumpkins is my choice. More to share!

  5. I would like to have the chocolate game controller.

  6. I would love the Serenity or the D20

  7. I would pick Muddy Bears Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears
    because they look delicious

  8. The chocolate game controls are really awesome so is all of the Star Wars stuff. What a great shop.

  9. I loved the Hollow Easter Egg with Chocolate Bunnies and Carrots. (jozywails@gmail.com)

  10. I would choose the 6 Small Star Wars Chocolates, Dark Side

  11. I would have to go with the chocolate frogs too. There was so many that i loved, that dragon is awesome!

  12. Oh man,it's a toss up between the 3 large chocolate cups and the Pikachu and Pokeball set! I am thinking I need to buy both! These will be great stocking stuffers. Courtney Hennagir on rafflecopter.

  13. Wow, love all the neat confections! I'd choose the Muddy Bears, Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. Thanks.

  14. Sooo many cute items!!! I'd choose either the Ultimate Avengers Chocolate Set, the Chocolate Lips, or maybe the Chocolate Football!!! I'm indecisive, it ALL looks awesome!!! Thanks!!!

  15. Chocolate pumpkins with salted caramel cocoa

  16. It all looks yummy to me. My favorites are the frogs, and the chocolate cups with your pick of filling.

  17. The Walking Dead themed chocolates would be my pick.