Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Nerdy Noms Blind Date Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Nerdy Noms for the review free of charge.**

Along with a wide selection of tasty chocolate treats in various nerdy shapes Nerdy Noms also sells Blind dates with a book. What is a blind date with a book? It is a listing for a mystery book, you are able to select which genre you would like and from there the shop owner will select a book at random to wrap up and send to you. All of the books sent out are brand new and unread.

I am a big book lover and I love to read but I do have to admit I do tend to judge books by their covers, I usually select books based on which covers I am drawn to the most and generally it doesn't fail me but from time to time I end up with a dud of a book. Buying a blind date means I won't be able to see or know what book I could end up with which is excited and feels like Christmas once the book arrives. The book is wrapped in brown wrapping paper and tied with ribbon, I was impressed with the packaging which included a thank you tag, a "blind date with a book" tag and a bag of tea which also makes this a great gift giving idea. So what book did I receive?

Before I opened my package I squeezed it a little and it felt odd almost like the cover was bent or there was a pen left on the inside of the book but I could not figure out what it was. Once I opened the packaging I found a book called "The Keeper of the Crows" by Kyle Alexander Romines and it is a fiction/Supernatural Thriller which I am pretty excited about. This book fits in perfectly with the type of book I enjoy reading and it is a book I've never heard of which is nice because it widens my book collection. What was the bump I felt inside of the packaging? Inside of the book were two bookmarks - one owl & a Dumbledore book mark along with a crow feather. I think the addition of the bookmarks is very sweet and adds extra charm to the whole experience. As an added extra bonus some of the copies are signed by the writers. So how much does everything cost? It is surprisingly only $9.99 to partake in a Blind Date with a book and is something I know several people would enjoy as a Holiday or Birthday gift, you won't even need to wrap it because it is already beautifully packaged.

If you did a blind date with a book what genre would you want? 


  1. How cool is that! What a sweet surprise. I love personal touches that Blind Date With A Book adds such as tea and book marks. This would make a cool gift for someone if not for yourself. Love it!

  2. That is fun. YA dystopia or steampunk. I was thinking of getting one of the mystery book subscription boxes but I wasn't sure if I would get a book I like. I have tried getting books suggested to me from groups on goodreads and subreddits but I don't always like the book. I do like tea and book marks. I do like to hear about books that I may never have heard about before and then love them. I hadn't heard about Hunger Games until it was suggested to me from someone on goodreads back in 2011 which is now one of my favorite books ever. So maybe I will check this out

  3. I see that they have a fantasy/sci fi option, so I would go with that

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