Wednesday, September 20, 2017

prAna clothing Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by prAna for the review free of charge.**

When I am not working or out running errands I pretty much live in my yoga and pajama pants because I enjoy being comfortable. I was recently asked if I wanted to participate in a campaign for some great products for a company called prAna who specializes in yoga, travel & adventure clothing, when I saw their yoga pants I knew I had to accept the offer and say yes so I am now a #prAnaMom. prAna offers sustainable, recycled, fair trade certified and hemp items. Why was I so excited over their yoga pants? I love the funky and cool designs they offer and feel in love with the Juniper yoga pants. For the review I was asked to select one bottom and one top, can you guess which bottoms I choose? Top wise I decided to go with the Daria Sweater Hoodie in black.

Let's review the pants first, the Juniper yoga pants retail for $89 and are made from 53% Hemp - 42% Organic Cotton & 5% Spandex and come in three different colors, it is available in a XS-XL. Hemp fabric makes this pant naturally UPF 50+ and odor reducing. They have a fitted leg with a flare bottom and an elastic waistband. Out of the three colors the pants come in I selected the Blue Kali because my favorite color is blue and I enjoy the design of the pants, one thing I noticed when wearing these yoga pants vs a pair that are one solid color is they seem to really emphasize your legs and butt. The pants are extremely comfortable and strangely enough they help keep you cool and warm at the same time. It is still pretty hot here during the day but I am perfectly comfortable wearing these during the day, and at night not only has it been cooler but we generally keep our house at 75 degrees so it gets a little chilly in the room at night and these help retain the warmth which is nice. I get sad having to take these off to put regular pants on to go to work hahaha, I want a to own a few of their other yoga pants now as well. The stitch of the pants are great, the only thing I would change is the very bottom where the foot area is it has a raw edge hem detail which I am not too crazy about but I do love the flair bottoms it almost makes me feel like I am going out to a disco or a nightclub, normally I don't go out in my yoga pants but I have actually gone to the store wearing these because of how comfortable they are I didn't care if anyone gave me funny looks. I also noticed that they have stitched the pants to give it added strength and stretching ability in the crotch area which is great for when you are doing yoga, working out, etc.

Now onto the Daria sweater hoodie. This hoodie retails for $89 and is available in a  XS-XL in four colors, it is made from 55% Organic Cotton - 35% Merino Wool - 10% Nylon. This isn't normally the kind of shirt I would get for myself but it looked so cute online I wanted to test it out and it is very cute in person and has many features I love, however I underestimated my skin and even after running this through the wash is super itchy on my sensitive skin. What drew me to this shirt is that it has a front kangaroo pocket which is perfect for keeping your hands warm during the winter, and it has a cute fashionable hoodie plus the arm holes aren't your typical short sleeve like shirts normally are instead they are cocoon sleeves. The shirt fits comfortable and fits well. prAna would like to invite you to watch their video for Why Organic CottonMatters | Sustainable Clothing Movement

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  1. I love prAna clothing, super comfy! Wearing a pair of prAna yoga pants? It must be divine!!

  2. I would love get that hoody. Looks very comfortable.

  3. These sound really nice and the hoodie looks great

  4. I really like those yoga pants. I like the design. I would always wear yoga pants all day everyday if I could get away with it. I like the hoodie also.

  5. I really like the look of that hoody!