Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Clean Air Club Review + Promo Code!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Clean Air Club for the review free of charge.**

Although changing out your air filter is important for keeping up your A/C unit and keeping the air in your home cleaner people often forget to buy new filters to replace the old one. I know filters generally aren't on my monthly shopping list because I often forget that it needs to be changed, which living in Arizona isn't good because it is very dusty here. If you are anything like me you will want to check out this innovative website called Clean Air Club. The Clean Air Club is a A/C filter website that allows you to select not only the type of filter you want but you can also set a schedule so a new filter will arrive when the old one needs to be replaced.

The Clean Air Club offers three different types of filters which providing a different amount of clean, they cost $13, $16 and $19. For my review I was sent a MERV 13 filter which is perfect for homes that have a lot of foot traffic, anyone with allergies, homes with more than one pet, for smokers and for areas that tend to get a lot of dust.Above you can see the MERV 13 sitting next to a cheap filter from the store, the MERV 13 has what looks like a thick cotton middle with wire mess surrounding it and the one on the right is very thin and completely see through. Which would you prefer to have in your A/C helping block dust from getting into your unit? Filters should be changed every 30-90 days this will not only help to keep the air in your home clean but it can also help prevent your unit from needing a repair in the future. When I received my filter is was packaged just right to keep the filter from getting damaged during shipment and it was also kept safe from the elements arriving in a plastic bag to help keep it as clean as possible for you.

So how well does the filter work? It recently stormed recently and in Arizona that means a lot of dirt and dust was kicked up into the air and plus taking the old filter out I knocked around a bit of dust that was starting to collect in the vent so the new filter has done an excellent job catching everything so far. This is the filter after a week:

Gross I know! But I would rather see it sitting in my filter than know it is floating around in the air my family is breathing. So when was the last time You replaced your homes filter? The Clean Air Club is allowing me to give all of you a pretty spectacular offer, you can use code 'CLEAR AIR' at checkout to receive your first month of filters free (limit 3 per household). They are currently only US based.


  1. This is a great idea. I like that it sends you a new one without you having to even think about. That is a really great looking filter. It looks heavy duty with the mesh. I have allergies and I have two cats, so I am always vacuuming up tons of dust and cat hair from my carpet, so I can just imagine what allergens and dust particles are floating in the air.