Tuesday, August 29, 2017

PaRragon August Book Buddy Box!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by PaRragon for the review free of charge.**

It has been about two months since I've been able to share a book buddy box with all of you so I am excited they sent out a new box to review and share with all of my lovely readers. This months box is themed "Back To School" and features a number of educational books to help prepare your toddler for Kindergarten and beyond. All of the books are from a line called The Learnalots and they are a lot of fun.

The Learnalots Let's Learn Preschool, Kindergarten, & Second Grade: I was a little surprised they didn't include first grade and put second grade instead but I think that is because they sent a little 500 questions first grade book in place of the bigger book. Each of the Learnalots books has 256 page along with two pages of rewards stickers (50 stickers per page). Each book goes over different subjects that they would be going over for that grade level, for example the Preschool book goes over ABC's, 123's, Shapes colors and more. My four year old is great with his colors, shapes, etc so the preschool book is a breeze for him and helps keep his mind sharp and the others will help with the things he doesn't know or just needs more practice on like reading and writing.

I like how bright, crisp and clear each page in this book is all the characters and colors help hold his attention and they don't put in anything overly complicated for the age range that the book targets. Along with practicing their skills each book also has a number of fun games that feature the different subjects they are learning about. I like how big each book is, it is the perfect size to put up on the counter and work on together with my son.


Get Ready for Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Packs: Both packs come with five 32 page paper back books and each one has a page of stickers as well. Each book goes over the same subjects that are in the bigger learning books but these are easy to bring with on car rides, to doctor appointments,etc and they can all be put back into the handy carrying case when you are done with them. All of the characters in these books are well designed and are pretty darn cute, my kids have a blast looking at all of them.

Learnalots 500 first grade questions & Coding and computers book: The 500 questions book is specifically designed to help both the parents and child have fun together while learning. It covers a number of subjects and comes with an array of cute pictures and bright colors to help your child stay focused and get their attention. Some of the questions are silly and fun such as "Is a slumber party a sleepover with friends, or a party where people cut trees?" and "Does PB&J stand for peanut butter and jelly or pickles, bacon and juice?" and it also has more serious questions such as "What animal helps to pollinate flowers: a bear or bees" and " Which is larger 1/4 or 1/6". The only thing I don't like about this book is the size/shape it is hard to keep it to stay open you really have to bend the spine back in order to get it to stay otherwise it wants to close the entire time you are reading it. While flipping through this trying to look at the pages a small section of the pages actually fell right out of the book which was a bit disappointing.

The coding book is a lot of fun for older kids, it helps teach kids about computers and the coding that helps keep everything running smoothly. It has 48 pages of information and comes with over 300 fun stickers to make learning coding fun!


  1. This looks like a great learning set for kids.

  2. This is a great variety of books. I actually have a child for each age group included.