Wednesday, August 9, 2017

OnandOff Giveaway & Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by OnanOff for the review & giveaway free of charge.****

We love spending time together as a family, even if we are wanting to do different things we like being in the same room together. Sometimes this can get pretty noisy so I've been looking into headphones for kids which is when I came upon Onanoff who sells a headphone line for kids called Buddyphones. I was sent the inflight model which includes three modes: Safe flight mode, safe kid mode and safe toddler mode.


My four year old son was slightly bummed the set we received was purple as he was hoping for a green or blue pair but he said he isn't picky and doesn't mind using them anyways. He is such a cute kid! The ear piece has a cushion lining which helps protect your child's ears from being rubbed raw due to the plastic, it also has a small piece of fabric over the speaker to further help protect their ears. On one side of the headphones you will find a knob which allows you to switch between the three settings, I find it is easiest to use my palm to gently push down on the dial to switch it. They are adjustable enough that not only do they fit my four year old perfectly but they fit on my head comfortably as well. It comes with a carry bag, decorative stickers for the side of the headphones,an airplane adapter plus a buddy cable that allows you to dock a second set of headphones to the first so more than one child can listen to the device at the same time. We also received a hard shell case to keep the headphones stored in when not in use.

Let's talk volume, while we want to be able to cut back on some noise from tablets, dvd players, etc we also don't want to harm our kids ear drums so I tested these out first to see how they are. I tested these out by plugging them into my cell phone and turning on some music at full volume, the headphones themselves prevent anything from being too loud even if you try turning up your device as far as it will go the headphones will only go up to a certain volume. The volume is the perfect amount, you are still able to enjoy what ever it is you are listening too but it also allows you to hear when someone is talking to you. This is quite handy because we all know how sucked into the screen kids can get so you still want to be able to get their attention without shouting at them. The toddler setting lowers it a bit further but your device is still audible without causing harm and the inflight mode tunes it just slightly higher than the child setting. According to their website researchers who study hearing loss have found that a person who is exposed to noise levels above 85 decibels for a prolonged period of time is at risk for hearing loss. Many devices go up quite a bit more than that so the headphones have a set decibel for each setting which are 75, 85 or 94db.

These headphones sell for $49.95 each, they are pretty durable and for me completely worth the price for something comfortable and safe for my child.

One reader is going to win their very own set of Inflight Buddyphones.

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  1. My daughter would definitly want the green pair.

  2. My kiddos would like the blue pair the best. They are all super cute though.

  3. My grandchildren would love the green pair oh they would love these

  4. My son would like the green pair.

  5. My son would love the green ones. Thanks for the chance!

  6. The green pair:)

  7. The blue pair would be the color my son would love, thanks!

  8. My boys would like the blue or green

  9. We'd like the blue ones!


  10. My son would probably love the green!

  11. My daughter would love the pink or purple .

  12. BUDDYPHONES INFLIGHT - GREEN would be a super color to have.
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