Friday, August 4, 2017

GoSports Board Games Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by GoSports for the review free of charge.****
Every time my kids see a package from GoSports arrive they are so excited and want to dig into it right away to see what's inside. I have to admit I get just as excited because GoSports sells a wide range of sports equipment products and board games. What was in our latest box?


GoSports Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set: The dice included in this set measure 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" which is large enough you can really only hold one in your hand at a time. Aside from a bag this set didn't come with any kind of way to roll the dice all together so I would suggest looking into a bucket or box so you can roll them all at once. The set includes six dice, a carrying bag and a score board so you can play Rollzee. The dice are made from wood that has been sanded down to prevent any splinters in the finger, this being said not all of the dice will look the same so you may not get a set that looks like the one in my photo or the one on the amazon listing but it will still look great. 

GoSports Coinshot Mini Cornhole Game Set: How cute is this mini cornhole game? It comes with two wooden cornhole platforms and four different color metal coins. Typically when playing any type of cornhole game you try to toss or slide a beanbag into the hole to score points, with this set you will try to bounce the coins into the holes. You get one point for every coin that lands on the board itself and three points for every coin in the hole you score. This can be played with up to four players but you can also play this game alone. We have a blast playing this and I like that it is small enough we can take it on trips with us. 

GoSports Giant 4 In A Row & Checkers Board Game: This is a giant 30" x 30" double sided mat that has 4 in a row on one side and checkers on the other. The mat is thick and has a little bit of weight to it which will help keep it in place if you are playing it outside and it is windy or if a small child is playing and you don't' want them moving the mat around a lot. The image above shows my four year old son's hand and arm moving his game piece which shows just how large this mat is. We have a blast playing this and it makes it easy for the smaller kids to see where the pieces are and when it is their turn. The chips are made from plastic and are light weight. I do wish this came with some sort of carrying case for the set to make transporting it easier. 

All of these GoSports products along with many more can be found on their Amazon shop page linked at the top of this post. Amazon is not affiliated with this review.