Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Diono Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Diono for the review free of charge.**

Like most children my kids think long car rides can be pretty boring without something to do, and my son likes taking naps on car rides so I want my kids to be as happy and comfortable as possible. When I hear Diono I always think about their car seats but what I didn't know is that they offer a range of car accessories as well and I was lucky enough to receive a few of them for a review.

Pop-up Trash Bin; I will 100% admit that my car can turn into an absolute disaster, mainly because there is no trash can so anytime the kids have something they want to throw away I have them just put it on the floor. Nasty I know! I do clean my car out once a week if that counts for anything though. This Pop-up trash bin helps solve all of those problems, it is a small can made from water resistant fabric. It takes "bag it" bags also sold by them but I just use grocery store bags, they fit perfectly and I have a ton of them so it is win-win in my book. This bin helps keep the car looking a lot nicer! Retail Value: $7.99

Seat Belt Pillow; This is something not only my son was excited about but his dad and I were pretty excited as well. My son falls asleep in the car often, he is four so he doesn't take naps daily but when he is tired he won't admit that he is thus won't take a nap but as soon as were in the car for more than three minutes he will pass out. We are always worried about the weird angles he gets into when he falls asleep so we knew this would be a big help to prevent his neck or head from being stiff when he wakes up. He loves this pillow, he even tried getting me to bring it into the house to use as a regular sleeping pillow because the cover is so soft. It has a Velcro strap that goes over the seat belt and then a piece of cloth sits over the belt to protect the childs face and neck. The pillow is 11" long and is pretty thick so it is as comfortable as possible. Retail Value: $8.97

Travel Pal; Even if we are only running to the store for a quick trip my kids always insist on bringing some of their stuff with us for the ride but they know to leave stuffed animals and such in the car (electronics get placed in my purse). Toys can sometimes end up on the floor and be forgotten, crayons get placed onto the seat for safe keeping until they need that color but Oh no! they forgot to pick it back up before getting out of the car because they didn't see it in the seat crack. This travel pal helps keep all of their belongings picked up and kept in once place, it even has drink holders in the front and pockets both on the outside and the inside so you can store all kinds of goodies in here.

How does it stay up on the seat while driving? It has a sturdy flap in the back that gets tucked into the backseat of your car that helps hold the basket in place while you are driving. My kids love having this between them and I love that it helps my car stay a bit neater. This retails for $9.08

The best part about all three items is that they can all be purchased for less than $10 and can all be found on amazon along with a dozen other helpful products.