Friday, July 7, 2017

Honeysuckle & Lime Etsy Shop Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Honeysuckle & Lime for the review free of charge.****
We were extremely lucky when we found our home, it has a small room when you first walk in which could be considered a den or secondary living room, we use this room as the kids playroom/TV room. The only issue with it being the kids room means there isn't a lot of room for furniture because they have plenty of toys and bookshelves that take up room so I am always on the look out for small yet comfortable furniture for their room. At the moment they only have one of those kids metal table/chair sets so I wanted to get something more welcoming and soft on their bottoms.

A great shop on Etsy called Honeysuckle & Lime sells an assortment of bean bag sacks, bags, and more. We had a set of bean bag chairs once upon a time ago which were store bought but they were complete garbage and started ripping apart after a month of use causing beans to go everywhere so I was excited these were made from a canvas type fabric that is thick yet soft. Each one is handmade with love by shop owner Ari. The thing that stands out the most with these bean bag covers is that she created them so they are double sacks, it has an inner bag which holds all of the beans and an outter bag which sits around the inner giving it double protection so no beans can escape. The inner bag can be opened or closed using a paper clip as shown above.

 The bean bag covers ship from Australia so depending on where you are the covers might take several days to reach you but they are well worth the wait. You can request a customized bag with your child's name on it (Note; I have removed my children's names aside from first initial from the photos above) and you can request the logo on your child's bag be their favorite color. The covers also come in different sizes depending on your child's age, I received one of the larger sizes and my kids love it. As you can see from the photo above my son often likes to kick back and watch TV on his bean bag chair or take a nap on it. When purchasing a bean bag cover please note that it is just that a cover, you will not receive the beans that go inside these will need to be purchased separately. I found large bags at Joann's each bag was $24.99 but you can print out a coupon for 50% off on item which will help cut costs down, each cover took two bags. The covers are washable you can remove the inner bag from the outter or you can hand wipe them off with a rag. The materials used are sturdy and feel like they will last for several years, I am very happy with this product! The shop is currently on vacation until July 10th but be sure to stop by and check out everything she has to offer, she makes high quality kids products.


  1. What a nice Etsy shop.


  2. These bean bag covers look comfy, my youngest son would definitely love these. I love Etsy and shop on there often so I'm definitely going to go check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like that u can customize them

  4. Have never seen anything like this.

  5. This is great for the kids out there.

  6. I love shopping on Etsy - lots of unique products I can't find anywhere else!