Saturday, July 29, 2017

Creations by Erin Marie on Etsy!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Creations by Erin Marie for the review free of charge.****

When I am thinking about buying a coffee cup there are several different things I like looking for which are Does it have a neat design or a quote that I like, How much does the cup hold and will it be easy to clean? Some cups are just a pain in the butt to get completely clean like those mugs that have little figures stuck on the bottom, or mugs shaped like various characters so I avoid buying them.

I recently came across an Etsy shop called Creations by Erin Marie and her cups fit all three of the wants I look for. She sells 16oz latte mugs that have a wide cup base which makes it easy to clean, it has a quote that relates to one of my favorite books/movies and it relates to a popular song.

The cup I received says "Everyday I'm Mugglin', Now I don't listen to a lot of R&B or rap but I've heard the song Everyday I'm Husslin a few times along with snips of the song here and there and it is pretty catchy so it can easily get stuck in your head. When I saw this mug it immediately gave me a chuckle and made me smile, after getting the quote stuck in my head for an entire day I know I needed this cup. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition, the Vinyl design is straight and I can't visibly see or feel anything wrong with the vinyl she did a great job adhering it to the cup. So far everyone I've shown it to or spoke with about the cup things that it is hilarious and that she did a great job combining the song with Harry Potter. She recommends gently hand washing and drying this cup and to avoid soaking the cup to ensure it has a long life. Looking for a custom cup?  Erin can do that! She offers cups for an assortment of events such as weddings, gradations, fathers day and more.

Mugs are $15 for one or $25 for the sets she offers, she also has several shot glass sets for sale. Head over to her shop to see everything she has to offer.


  1. Such cute mugs i drink tea and coffee everyday so these are just perfect for me and for gifts too.

  2. These are so fun and cute. I love giving fun mugs with something inside as gifts. I will have to shop these for future Gifts.

  3. This cup is so much fun so are her other cups

  4. These are so cute!

  5. So cute!!!


  6. I really like the cup Everyday I'm Mugglin. What a cute gift for my daughter.
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