Saturday, July 15, 2017 Review!

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My pup Sully Monster is quite spoiled and he absolutely loves it, what dog wouldn't? When the box with the label arrives his doggy senses start tingling to let him know a new treat has arrived. One of the last boxes I received came with Nature's Variety Instinct Healthy Cravings Dog Food Topper in the flavor chicken. It sells for $29.81 for a case of 24 packs that have 3oz of food topping.

If you had rice every night for dinner it would get pretty boring after a while if you don't have different toppings, sides, etc. so why should your dog eat the same thing over and over again? These toppers will help give your dog a bit of variety when it comes to their food and is a nice surprise treat for them. Each packet has just enough to go over a bowl of dog food and as you can see above it has some pretty hearty chunks in it. After a long day of playing fetch and swimming in the pool Sully worked up an appetite and couldn't wait to get inside to eat, he highly enjoyed the food topper.