Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Parragon Book Reivew! Book Buddies Program.

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Parragon for the review free of charge.****

I always love going out to my mail box and checking the mail because it is fun to see what shows up each day, one of my favorite things to find in the mail once a month is my Book Buddies box from Parragon who sends out a small assortment of books each month for my kids and I to review together. We are a couple of book worms so the kids love seeing what's in the box just as much as I do so we all open it together. The prices of the books vary from store to store, they can be found at Barnes and Nobles plus other locations check their website to see what store closest to you carries Parragon books.

This months theme was centered around activity books which is perfect for us because we are always out doing something so these books will come in handy for car rides, in fact the night we received this box the kids each brought a book with us when we went out for dinner that way they weren't bored while we waited for the food to arrive. What was in this months box?

Paw Patrol Marshall Saves The Day - In the box we received this month this is the only one that is an actual book and not an activity book. My son is a fan of Paw Patrol so he was pretty happy to see this book, it is a beautiful hardcover that has bright colorful pages that are eye catching and the book makes for a fun read. As a bonus this comes with a Marshall key chain, I do wish it was attached in another way though instead of being in the cover itself because it leaves a big hole behind after you remove the key chain.

Peppa Pig Little Piggy Puzzles - This activity book is packed full of Peppa Pig themed things to do such as helping collect groceries, coloring in costumes for George, mazes and more. This is another item that came with a bonus gift which is a small pink straw with a Peppa Pig plastic decoration attached. It has 48 pages and it is easy for a four year old to use which is a big plus especially since they are at the age when they are distracted easily.

The World of Eric Carle press out and play - I think this is my favorite out of what we received this time around, it has 32 pages that have thin cardboard pieces that you color then pop out and put together to create 3D figures. The pieces are very easy to put together and the instructions are easy to understand, my eight year old daughter had a blast with this set and I like that it kept her entertained for quite a while because you are able to play with the animals after you build them. This book included a set of Crayons.

Disney Princess springtime wonders - This book contains 44 pages which are split up, the first half of the book features a number of fill in the scene pages which are in full color and has spots where you can place stickers from the front of the book (50 are provided) which is a lot of fun for younger children. The part of this book is coloring and activity pages, all of which are in the traditional black and white. We counted eight actual activity pages where it asks you to do something, the rest are regular coloring pages. I like that they included an assortment of Princess photos to color in this so there is something for everyone. This comes with a bonus code for a free Disney digital storybook.

Disney Princess color & Activity Daffodils & Dances - 48 pages with 1 page of stickers, with 4 jumbo crayons. My daughters favorite part of this book was being able to design Cinderella's dress because she loves being creative, so we enjoyed the fact that it wasn't just a boring old coloring book with nothing else to do. It has a nice assortment of photos, some have a little less to color than others and some have more which we enjoy. This comes with a bonus code for a free Disney digital storybook.

Pixar Doodle Book - This is also one of my favorite items that came with this months box because of all the adorable stickers it has on the first two pages. It has an assortment of over 100 stickers and it comes with 200+ pages to color, complete and stick stickers on this is definitely a thick book and is the best one for extra long road trips. It has a large collection of the various Pixar characters from older characters like the Toy Story crew to newer characters such as Inside out and The Good Dinosaur.

Disney Princess 8x8 Activity Book Spring Sunshine - This is the smallest out of the set height wise but it still contains 32 pages of fun and is strictly a activity book there are no coloring pages included. The whole book is in full color and the pages look great. It includes two pages of stickers, one page is for "reward stickers" that you can put on each page your child completes and the second page is for what ever you would like them to be on. The back of this book has a pop out play scene that has Princess Belle and woodland creature friends for her to talk with plus this comes with a bonus code for a free Disney digital storybook.


  1. This looks like a lot of fun for small kids!

  2. My youngest spotted the paw patrol from across the room and went crazy. these look like good books

  3. This would be great to encourage our niece and nephews to read!

  4. Oh this would be so fun for the kids to get each month! Our little one would love it! Would be a great birthday idea! Something that keeps giving all year!

  5. This will be so fun for little kids!

  6. A lot of fun books for the kids.

  7. what a great idea - its never to early to encourage kids to enjoy reading

  8. I am sure your children so enjoy these. The quality of a persons reading usually determines how well they do in other fields.