Monday, April 17, 2017

Medieval Times Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The event mentioned below has been provided by Medieval Times for the review free of charge. I was given four complimentary tickets to enjoy the show.****

We are always on the look out for new, fun and unique things we can do as a family so when I was presented with the opportunity to visit Medieval Times in Buena Park, CA I couldn't refuse. What is Medieval Times? It is an amazing dinner tournament show where you are served food while you sit and enjoy a live action Medieval Times performance. Adults cost $61.95 per person and children are $36.95 which seems like a lot right? If you break it down you are provided with a full meal, two rounds of drinks, plus dessert and coffee on top of getting a two hour show so I'd say the price is well worth it. Alcohol and souvenirs are not included in the price, you can also buy tickets to the torture museum for an additional fee. The alcohol prices range depending on the type of drink and the type of cup you select, my step-dad bought a beer which he said was about $15 and he got to keep the cup. The staff members did not know I would be writing a review on my blog so we weren't treated any differently than you would going to the show,everything written below is from my own personal experience and may vary from others.

We were asked to arrive an hour before the show began to make sure our seats were placed together, we received four complimentary passes to the show and we purchased the rest. Upon arriving you are sorted into a colored area and given a crown to match where you will be seated, the color you are given represents the knight you will be cheering for. After arriving we had a while to walk around and wait for the show to start so we bought tickets to the torture museum, some may be a bit squeamish with some of the devices shown and may not want their small children asking questions about it so before you go I'd decide whether you'd like to enter or not. My children did alright, my son is still small enough he was just paying attention to the swords, my daughter is a bit older and thought everything in there looked crazy and I am sure we are all glad those devices are no longer in use. Exiting the torture museum we popped out in the courtyard which was beautiful and decorated with Christmas lights and was well maintained. The next leg of the walk brings you into the great hall where there are weapons on display, a bar, souvenirs, a view of the horses stalls, a chance to see the hawks before the show and more! They had so many fantastic souvenirs, I love dragons and fairy tale creatures and they sure had quite the selection I wanted to buy them all but alas I don't think my wallet would approve of that, we did how ever get a light up sword for my son and a light up necklace for my daughter. If you arrive an hour before the show and have small children I suggest bringing something  for them to do in case they get a little board or a snack as our kids were pretty antsy to eat by the time we were called into the tournament space.

Unless you are traveling with a rather large party you will be seated in a row with other guests, we had seven people in our party and had four other people at our table as well. There is plenty of room for everyone to eat in comfort but if you are someone who needs to go to the bathroom often I would suggest trying to sit on the end of the row, if you can't it wasn't too difficult to climb over the seat into the next row like you would at a baseball game. Your plates are already out when you arrive to your table and a hostess will come up after you are seated and explain how dinner will work. First you will start off with drinks, followed by different sections of your dinner which isn't served all at once instead they bring the soup first, followed by your bread and so on. I like that they did this because it allowed you to eat at a slower pace and enjoy the show while eating. There wasn't any silverware in the Medieval Times so you will have to use your hands, but no need to worry everything aside from the soup are all finger foods and isn't overly hot. During your meal you get two rounds of which ever drink you select from their menu then after dinner is done they will bring you a dessert and coffee if you so desire. They also provide you with a wet wipe cloth to cleanse your hands.

The show itself was wonderful, we were placed in the green section and though our Knight didn't win it was a blast cheering for him and booing the other knights that were against us. I can be a bit shy when it comes to getting loud or feeling like I look silly when at social events but here I just didn't care, it was so entertaining cheering along with the crowd everyone was shouting and having a jolly good time. Three times during the show the knights are tossed roses by the Princess that they can toss out to people in the crowed who go pretty crazy trying to get a flower, during the first round the knight had tossed all the flowers out but had noticed my daughter seemed quite sad not to get one, I didn't even notice! My mom was the one who told me afterwards. The second time around when our green knight was given more roses by the Princess to give out he tossed one to my daughter, she was so excited the pure look of amazement on her face was completely worth the cost of the ticket to get in. During the two hour show we watched jousting, sword fighting, horses dancing, a hawk soar around the room and more. It is truly a unique and wonderful experience for anyone of any age, Medieval Times has eight locations nationwide I highly suggest looking into the one closest to you or closest to where you plan on vacationing next and booking your tickets!


  1. Glad you had a good time! I keep hearing great things about Medieval Times and would love to go to one someday. The nearest one is a few hours away but it might be a fun family trip.

  2. This looks like a lot of fun, I like that they have a live show while you eat that is pretty cool.

  3. Our whole family would really enjoy this!

  4. This is cool! I would love to go!