Sunday, April 2, 2017

JpKrHk Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by JpKrHk for the review free of charge.****
I am always on the look out for cute stationary because I enjoy note taking, scrapbooking, sending snail mail and journaling so I love getting new pens, envelopes, stickers, etc. JpKrHk on Etsy has a large selection of cute Kawaii stationary to browse and shop, everything is featured in high quality photos and listed at reasonable prices. I recently had the chance to work with shop owner Raymond on a review of some of the products sold in his shop. I was sent a selection of nine products to test out and use. The products I received are listed below along with my thoughts on the products from this great shop. 

  1. Emoji Stickers - This pack is sold for $3.65 there are three different sets of stickers included and you will receive four sheets of each. Each page has 55 Emoji stickers totaling 660 for this pack. I like the way these are packaged but the sheets of stickers themselves have a little bit of an odd scent however when the sticker is no longer on the base sheet it doesn't have the plastic smell to it any longer. The stickers included are small round and perfect for a number of things including for your journal. Note that not all Emoji's are included so if you are buying these with a specific Emoji in mind such as the Poop Emoji it may not be included. 
  2. Suatelier Cafe Sticket Sheet #1014 - This sheet of stickers is great for scrapbooking! When I scrapbook I like to include stickers and embellishments for things that go with what the photos are of on that particular page and this sheet of stickers has many cute and unique designs like a reindeer, a guitar, a bike, a lego man and more which can be used for a number of things. I like that the background behind the stickers makes it look like some of the things are sitting on shelves. In total there are 50+ stickers and this sheet is sold for $1.95 which is a great price.

  3. Suatelier Monthly Planner Sticker Set #1040 - Sold for $1.95 for twelve sheets. I think this is the coolest set of stickers in this set, not only is it neat and unique but it is also a useful tool for anyone who likes to keep track of their weekly activities. Each sticker is a month planner that has two sections on the back that can be peeled off so you can stick this anywhere you want. The boxes for the days are a little small so you will need to write quite teeny so it would be best to abbreviate things like "D930A" for the Dentist at  9:30Am. Each sheets features a different photo at the top and has the numbers 1-12 so you can circle which month it is.
  4. Sonia Bike sticker set #2003 - Sells for $1.95 includes 41 stickers. I am not big into bicycling although I do want to buy a bike and start going out with my kids, maybe this set will give me the push I need because all of the bikes featured are colorful and eye catching. I like that they also include little stickers for the bike chain, water bottles, gears and keys. The stickers are light weight, easy to peel off and are transparent so you can stick them on any color of paper and they will look good.
  5. Purple Gel Pen - Not currently listed on etsy. I love gel pens so this fits in perfectly with my collection, the pen is a 0.8mm that has a smooth consistency to the gel. The ink is thick and doesn't seep through the paper, the coloring is silky smooth and well pigmented.
  6.  Muji two way pen in Green - Sells for $16.50 for a pack of 10 so $1.65 per pen. This is a water based pen that features a fine side and a thicker felt tipped end. The pen writes nicely and helps keep your writing still looking neat when writing quickly. I like the way it feels in my hand when holding onto it and due to the way the pen is shaped it doesn't slip out of your grip.

  7. Pilot Frixion Ball 07 pen in Purple - Another great writing pen, this fits both of the qualities I usually look for in a pen; it writes smoothly and it is a fine tipped ink pen that writes similar to a gel pen. As an added bonus this pen is erasable, it has a small purple eraser on the end which does take the ink away which is pretty neat however just like with pencil you may see a faint line where it indented on the paper. The eraser is also confusing because I keep thinking it is the clicker but the clicker is actually the pen clip on the side.
  8. Sticker set CC001 (Cup Cats) - The stickers in this set are on a transparent background and they are pretty sturdy plus they are waterproof which expands the number of products you can place these on. I like the texture of these stickers and I like that they don't have any odd smells to them. They aren't on a set sheet instead they are loose flake stickers which is nice for placing inside of birthday cards or other snail mail. The set comes with 40 for $3.60
  9. Sticker set GU002 (Eggs) - The stickers in this set are on a white background and are loose flake stickers, there are 40 stickers in the set for $3.20. This is the second set of stickers I've received that feature an egg yolk like character, I don't quite understand it and I don't think I'd personally purchase it myself but the stickers are good quality and waterproof which is nice.


  1. Oh my! My daughter would freak out over those kitty cup stickers!!

  2. Looks nice!
    thanks for the review !

  3. The stickers are so cute!


  4. Those cat stickers are so cute

  5. I want those cat stickers!!!!!!!!

  6. Both of my teenagers have pen pals from different countries and they would love these, especially the emoji stickers! We also still send alot of cards so definitely going to check out this store. Thanks for sharing!

  7. my kids participate in "Postcrossing" and always write and send cards to different countries. It would be amazing to add some stickers to them