Friday, March 24, 2017

Parragon Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Parragon for the review free of charge.****

My kids love doing all kinds of activities whether it is hands on or in a book if it keeps their minds active and engaged they are happy as can be. When our latest Bookbuddies box from Parragon arrived the kids were ecstatic because every book in this month's box was an activity book. This box arrived just in time because the day after it came was the day we left for our California vacation which meant a long drive so these books came in handy. Want to know what was in our bookbuddy box? The names of all the books we received are below along with mini reviews.

Lots of Dots for Little Hands by Start Little Learn Big -  This is a dot-to-dot connect the dots activity book for ages four to five, but I think a three year old would do well with this also. The thing I like most about this activity book is that it comes with a dry erase marker so your child can do each page over and over again instead of it being a one and done book. None of the numbers go up too high which is nice for kids who can only count to five or to ten. My four year old loves this book and was pretty excited being able to complete each page.

Doodle and Draw Everything by Start Little Learn Big - This is a large activity book with over 150 pages of activities to complete, the age range for this is listed as six to eight. Each activity in this book is half finished and will instruct your child to finish the photo whether it is adding balloons, finishing a dress pattern or adding food to a plate this book is a lot of fun. My four year old son has a lot of fun with this book, he isn't able to read the instructions yet so he asks me to let him know what to do otherwise he does everything all on is own and has a wonderful time completing each page.

Red,Yellow,Blue Sticker and Draw by Start Little Learn Big - My four year old is obsessed with stickers, he likes putting them on his clothing and has a poster board he collects them on in his room so this book was perfect for him because it included over 150 small and large stickers for him to use. This book also includes a number of color and activity pages which are fun and easy for small kids to accomplish. This book is recommended for kids three to six.

The Lion King by Disney - This is a hard cover Disney book that features Simba from The Lion King along with his father. "Simba wants to be a brave king just like his father, but he doesn't expect to inherit the throne of Pride Rock so soon. With the help of his new friends will Simba claim his rightful place in the Circle of Life?" this book has thirty two pages that are sharp, colorful and highly detailed. This book has a little weight to it and is a wonderful addition to any book collection.

Beauty and the Beast collectors tin by Disney - This metal tin comes with a thirty two page paperbook, two twenty-four page activity books, one black and white poster to be colored, a sheet of stickers, and four felt pens. I love Beauty and the Beast so not only was my daughter excited about this set but so was I. I like that the tin can be used as a carrying case/storage case or you can use it to store a number of other things. Everything included in the tin was well made and my daughter has a lot of fun with this set.

All of these can be purchased for less than $10 each, some are listed for less than $5.


  1. I really love the look of the Beauty and the Beast tin. I think my niece would love that!


  2. These are perfect for the kids for long car rides. I like that they aren't super expensive.

  3. This would be great for a long car ride.

  4. My grandkids would love these. So cute.

  5. I would love to have The Lion King for my daughter. These are all great!

  6. I think connect the dots is under-rated and alot of fun! These look like hours of enjoyment.