Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dust Bunnys Bubbles Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Dust Bunnys Bubbles for the review free of charge.****
When I shop for bath products I not only look for something that smells great but something that will leave my skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. A wonderful little shop on Etsy called Dust Bunnys Bubbles makes and sells a fun and exciting assortment of natural bath products. For a recent review I was sent a trio of luscious products to review. I was sent a solid bar of soap in the scent "It's Raining", a solid bubble bar in the scent "Honey" and a solid perfume in the scent "Summer Sunrise". They arrived in the cutest little packaging that is eco-friendly and is perfect for gift giving. All of the scents together at first where a little overwhelming just as a forewarning but once they aren't right next to each other and you get a chance to smell all of them at different times they all smell pleasant. 

Honey 3oz Bubble Bar - I've seen solid bubble bars many times online but I've never actually used one myself so I was curious to see how it worked. Instead of liquid bubble bar it is a bar form so it takes up less space to store and it is easy to transport. Generally you will only need about 1oz per bath so this should last you for three baths, to use it you simply break off a chunk and crumble it into running water. The bar creates a ton of bubbles and it smells wonderful,the scent is delicate, soothing and relaxing. This bubble bar was easy to use and the crumbs are quite soft it left my skin feeling lovely without feeling greasy and it made it to where I kept smelling my hands because the scent was so lovely. The bar has little oat pieces in it but when you are taking a bath you won't notice them in your bath and they wash down the drain easily.

"It's Raining" bar soap - This bar has a fresh scent that kind of reminds me of the Irish Springs soap, it has a nice meadow after the rain scent and is pleasing to the senses. It is a pretty decent sized bar of soap so it should last you quite some time. I like that the top of the bar of soap has ridges because it makes it easier to hold onto the soap without it slipping out of your hands. This soap won't leave your skin feeling dried out which is a big plus!

"Summer Sunrise" Solid Perfume - This is also a new product I've never tried before with any brand. It is hard to place my finger on what exactly this scent is, it has a bit of an orange scent with something else mixed in. The scents are present without being overwhelming which is exactly what you want when wearing a perfume. You don't want to be one of those people who walk through the store and leave a trail of people behind going "WOAH someone is wearing way too much perfume" instead you want people to be thinking that you smell great when you walk by. I like that this is easy to carry and you don't have to worry about a perfume bottle breaking and getting all over the place, plus there is no mist to make you feel like you are suffocating which is a huge plus for people who can't stand scented mists. You only need a little of this in order to achieve your goal so this little jar can be stretched out and will last you for some time.

Dust Bunnys Bubbles offers several very eye catching products like the two shown above, Everything ranges in price from $3-$6 per single item but she also offers bundle deals like a ten pack of bubble bars. Feel free to sop by to see what else is sold at Dust Bunnys Bubbles!


  1. love the packaging. Looks like wonderful products!

  2. Looks nice!
    thanks for the review !

  3. This brand sounds nice!


  4. Looks like a great group of products.

  5. These soaps sound amazing, I'm loving the honey! I'm really loving the red bar above, it's my favorite color and it's soo pretty! My daughter-in-law will love these too so i know what she's getting for Christmas already.

  6. this would made an amazing gift -- for your kid's teacher, for your friends etc.