Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Everyman Armory Giveaway & Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by The Everyman Armory for the review & giveaway free of charge.****

* Note; This seller doesn't currently have a shop logo so in place of where I normally put the store logo I will use an icon from the video game I will be talking about in this post.

One of my favorite things about cosplay is that you can cosplay no matter what age you are all that matters is that you love what you do and you have fun. While cosplaying is a lot of fun it can also be a lot of work to create outfits, accessories and weapons that look like what you are wanting to portray and not everyone has that kind of time to invest into a cosplay piece so that is where sellers like The Everyman Armory comes in because they make the gear for you to make cosplaying easier. The Everyman Armory mainly specializes in weaponry from various video games. The weapon I received to review is a piece from a game called Borderlands 2, I have included an image of how the weapon looks in game so you can see how close the replica is to the real (well virtual) thing.

 This specific Jakobs gun has a variety of different looks in the game but the most prominent feature of it is the bayonet which is also the key piece to this cosplay replica piece. As you can see Capt'n J the shop owner puts a lot of thought into each replica and I think he has managed to capture the essence of the in gun game beautifully, it has the same type of barrel and gun size and it has the bayonet as well. This gun is actually a modded and painted nerf bullet gun, and yes it does still work although the shooting speed may be lowered from an average nerf gun to to the fact this one has been altered. Looking over the piece I can't find any spots that were visible and unpainted, he even took the slide off and painted under it so when you pull it back it matches the rest of the gun. He also made small custom "Jakobs" labels to place on both sides of the gun which show the specific gun maker brand from the game.


I am actually pretty impressed with how Capt'n J carved out the underside of the gun to make the bayonet fit in snuggly, and the extra nice thing is the bayonet is removable so you don't have to lug it around as a large piece. The top part of the gun was also cut away to make room for the sight/scope addition piece. The gun is light weight and there is a lot of attention to detail he even included lining to make it appear as if it is in a video game and he took the gun apart to paint some of the inner pieces as well so everything flowed together. Looking for something specific? Send him a message I am sure he would be able to help work out something for you. He responds quickly and is always friendly and helpful when questions are asked, shipping was lightning fast and everything was packaged nicely to make sure everything was delivered in one piece, and he even included a Borderlands themed postcard of him dresses as Kreig and it even has postage on it so it is ready to be sent out.

Prize Alert:
One lucky cosplyer or video game art collector is going to win a Borderlands 2 Contraband Sky Rocket grenade mod valued at $50 and shown above.

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  1. My fav item is : https://www.etsy.com/listing/249302787/be-one-of-earths-mightiest-hawkeye-with?ref=shop_home_active_9

  2. I like the Avenge TK Baha's lost love with Marian's favorite pistol, The Ladyfinger.

  3. Another product I like from his shop is the Reddy Boganella.

  4. Another item I like is the Be one of Earth's Mightiest, Hawkeye, with this covert ops crossbow!


  5. I would love to have the Caustic damage with extra large clips for my husband! He would to display in his office!

  6. I love everything he sells, all awesome stuff, but I gotta say I really like the tediore pistol the most of all.

  7. I've always loved his fallout pieces. I see a nice 9mm on his etsy shop! Pew Pew! Gotta love some borderlands and fallout!

  8. I really love the Hyperion Ultra Shock Pistol!! And everything else he makes :D

  9. Loving the Hyperion Ultra Shock Pistol too

  10. The Hawkeye covert ops crossbow is really amazing!

  11. I would love the Bring out one of the most crass and sassy expletive slingin' weapons ever made, the Reddy Boganella!!