Wednesday, November 23, 2016 Reivew!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by for the review free of charge.****

When it comes to my pets I am one of those people who treat my pets like they are one of my kids, all of my pets are spoiled and loved.I am always willing to test out fun new products with my pets, especially with my newest cat Hook (the little orange cat) who is 11 months old and is either teething or was a dog in a past life because he chews on everything. sells a wide selection of pet products for all of your furry, feathery and scaly needs, I was recently given a list of products to select from to do a review on and I selected the Temptations Tubs Cat Treats w/ Snacky Mouse, and
Purina FortiFlore.

Right away both of my cats were curious to see what I was doing in the kitchen as soon as the heard the jingle of the cat treats in the tub. As you can see Hook was trying to help himself to some treats but could not quite fit his paw into the hole to get a treat out. The cat treats are very aromatic which is sure to get your cats attention, the tub is has a lid that seals shut when not in use to help keep the treats fresh when not being devoured. The Snacky Mouse actually came with a small bag of treats inside of the box as well, which I thought was nice. The head of the mouse twists off which allows your to add treats to the inside of the mouse, after filling it simply place it on the floor and as your cat knocks it around treats will slowly fall out of it one by one or if you have a toddler it will get shaken and treats will end up all over but that is half the fun isn't it? The Purina FortiFlore I wanted to test out because my mom's dog has a very sensitive stomach and always has digestive issues and I've heard lots of good things about probiotics for both humans and pets so I thought I would give it a shot. So far it has seemed to help he seems less agitated after meal time and doesn't seem to be having any issues with getting sick. I am very happy with both of these products and thank Chewy for carrying both these items plus hundreds more!


  1. sooo cute!! I love the little mouse holder!
    my cats love temptations treats!!

  2. I love the Snacky Mouse and so would my cats!

  3. Such cute pics! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The little mouse holder is super cute! i have a friend who would love this!

  5. Cute holder! I buy these for my cat but haven't seen this container. :(