Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Easy & Cheap Halloween crafts to do with your kids!

I love being able to do crafts that suit each holiday with my kids, and to be able to make several different crafts we like to look for low cost kid friendly crafts. My kids had a blast with these Halloween crafts this year so I thought I would share them here with you!

                                           Bonus photo of our pumpkins from this year!

1. Spider Egg Sacks!

For 2 sacks You will need;
A pair of sheer panty hose Adult sized [$2 at Walmart] (the photo shows toddler but that was a trial run and it didn't work out, we needed the adult size), 1 bag Spider webbing [$1 at Dollar store], fake spiders [$1 at Dollar store],scissors & a hot glue gun.

You simply need to cut the panty hose right where the legs start, then stuff some spider webbing and spiders inside. Shape the webbing into an egg shape or which ever shape you prefer, glue several spiders all over the outside and include some webbing on the outside if you wish, then they are ready to be hung.

2. Glowing Monster Eyes! 

You will need; Toilet paper/Paper towel empty rolls, small glow sticks [$1 per pack at Dollar store], scissors.

Once you run out of toilet paper or paper towels keep the empty cardboard roll. Pick an eye shape you would like an cut the pattern out of the paper towel roll then when you are ready to display them grab a glow stick and head outside. Placing these in the bushes or similar areas will give you the best results because it will make it look like eyes are watching you, crack the glow stick then insert it into the tube and place it where you would like. Below it is just sitting on my dresser so you can see a little glow coming out of the sides but if you place it into a bush you won't see that.

3. Hanging Bats!

You will need; Black cardstock or construction paper [I found a pack of 50 papers on sale for $2.49,it will make 25 bats], scissors, clear tape, hole punch, a print out of a half bat wing template & string.

We used the template to cut out half bats from all of the black paper then we used clear tape to connect two halves together to make a whole bat. After they were taped together we used a hole punch to make a hole at the top for tying string onto then we hung them up! When the wind is blowing slightly they really do look like they are flying.

4. Fairy Skeletons! 

You will need;  A pack of small hanging skeletons [$1 per string at The Dollar Tree], 4 butterflies per string [Depending on the color you want you can find 2 packs or 4 packs of butterflies for $1 at the dollar store], scissors & a hot glue gun.

Use the scissors to carefully remove the body from the butterflies to detach the wings, the body for the butterflies I bought at the dollar store easily split in two and I was able to get the wings off without issue. After the wings are removed glue them to the back of the skeletons shoulder blades, once all four are completed you can hang them up. The strings are kind of small so they are best for in the house vs outside.

What are some of your favorite Halloween crafts?


  1. Awesome ideas!!
    I love that these all are inexpensive & easy PLUS the end result is great! The glowing eyes is my favorite, I still have time to make for tomorrow!

  2. The bats look great and the egg sacks are spooky.

  3. Great pumpkins and crafts they look easy and fun

  4. I have those skeletons, I need to pick up the butterflies, I love what you did there.

  5. Really lovely post!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Okay those spider egg sacks creep me out!

  7. I love the fairy skeleton idea! So awesome!