Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pork Chomps Review & Giveaway!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. The products mentioned below have been provided by
Pork Chomps for the review & giveaway free of charge.****

My mother has three large dogs who all love treats and toys so we are always looking for new products that are durable and long lasting because these three go through toys like they are going out of style. I received a wonderful assortment of goodies for these three from a company called Pork Chomps, they sent us three amazing bags stuffed full of treats that suited the dogs based off the information I gave on their sizes and likes. I am posting this post a bit late and I am grateful that Pork Chomps is very understanding about it, sadly shortly after we received these products and tested them out we had to put one of the dogs down (the black one shown below) she was old and sick, so she is in a better place now but it was a hard week. Before she went she had the chance to try the yummy treats Pork Chomps sent and she loved them.

When I had spoken with Pork Chomps about a review and giveaway I provided them with some information on the dogs and was expecting just a small package of treats, boy was I wrong! They sent us three reusable bags packed full of goodies, each one had a number of treats, a ball, a Frisbee, a stuffed squeaky dog, and a shirt for the humans.What we liked best about these treats is that the chews are rawhide free, Jack the golden old man you see above has a sensitive stomach which can't handle rawhide and it will make him sick. These are made from pork skin which is easy to digest and didn't upset his stomach which was fantastic and also means we will be buying more of these treats since he isn't allowed to have a lot of the treats the other dogs have.

The large chews you seen above lasted about two to three days before they were completely gone which is pretty good since the youngest of the three can destroy toys in less than an hour given the chance. All three dogs loved these products and would really perk up if you went to give them one of these treats. I like that these treats didn't leave little pieces all over the floor to be picked up and that the treat itself is a lot softer than the tradition rawhide chews but also still sturdy and thick. They are scent free so you don't have to worry about any lingering scent on your hands or on your pooch. All of us are quite happy with these products and think you should check them out as well!

Five lucky winners will each receive a prize pack for their dog. Prize will vary depending on the size of your dog.

This giveaway is open to US residents only!

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  1. Our two small dogs would like 4” Pork Chomps Crunchy Bones best.

  2. We have dogs of all sizes. I think they'd like the assorted rollz.

  3. My dig would love the 4" Bacon rolls!

  4. My dogs would love the 4” Pork Chomps Crunchy Bones the most, I think.

  5. My boxer boy would like their Twist treats the best. The flavors are one's he likes now so he'd love these. Thank-you!!

  6. Oh I think they would love the Pork Chomp Twistz! Although...I know they would love them all! They love their treats!

  7. My pup would love the Twistz treats.

  8. The Pork Earz look the most fun and tasty!