Sunday, July 13, 2014

Easy to make cookies!

Sometimes I will stumble on a Pin on Pintrest that I love and save for later so that I 'might' get around to it. We have all seen some of the pintrest fails out there mainly when it comes to cakes. However not everything comes out as a Pintrest fail some of them are quite easy even for a beginner baker & I want to share one of my favorite recipes I found on Pintrest with you.

What do you need? 2 Ripe bananas, 1 cup of oat meal or quick oats, 1/2 a cup of Chocolate chips, And 1 heaping spoonful of natural peanut butter along with a baking pan, spatula and large mixing bowl. If you are a parent there is a good chance you have all of these items sitting in your kitchen already. Instead of chocolate chips you can use M&M's or another type of chocolate you prefer and the oatmeal can be any flavor you want.

Easy to follow steps:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees while you prep your cookies.

1. Pour 1 cup of oat meal into a bowl. (I find that 2-3 packets of oatmeal works well.)

2. Mix in the two ripe banana's don't worry about large chunks they will work themselves out.

3. Mix in 1 heaping spoonful of Peanut butter and 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips (You can see we used M&M's)

4. Once it is all mixed place into even proportions on the baking pan, You DO NOT need to grease the pan. The peanut butter will prevent them from sticking to the pan.

5. Place in oven at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown.

This recipes makes 5-8 small cookies, if you have a large family I suggest doubling the amounts. I have found you do not have to follow this to the exact instruction, you can add more oatmeal for a thicker cookie or even to make a breakfast bar, you can add less peanut butter or more chocolate.

When you are finished your cookies should look similar to those pictured above. This is a great way to use bananas that are going bad or a healthy alternative to traditional cookies since it doesn't have as much sugar. I am sorry I can't link to a source for the recipe as there isn't one attached to the photo pin on pintrest. If you end up making these leave me a comment letting me know how your family likes them, mine love them!


  1. I think this would be good with the Apple and Cinnamon oatmeal.

  2. these look tasty. I like that they are simple to make with ingredients I have on hand. I like that they seem healthier than other cookie recipes. I look forward to making them.