Saturday, January 25, 2014

Love with Food Review

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Love with Food for the review  free of charge.****

I love subscription boxes because you never know what you are going to get, there is a slight chance you might not like it yet but there is a bigger chance you will enjoy what ever they send. I recently received the chance to work with a food subscription box called Love with Food, My box arrived within a week and was stuffed with little goodies for January's box.

My box contained Tuxedo Popcorn, two small dark chocolate bars, Maple Fudge, Ginger Twist Tea, A Almond yogurt and apricot bar, Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread cookies, Sweet corn crunch, an Indian spice blend and Sweet Potato popchips. As you can see from the list they provided quite a few small snacks and samples, I think they provided a nice selection to choose from. I have tried two of the brands/companies who created these goodies but they rest were new to me so I was excited to try out their products. My two favorite items from the box were the Tuxedo Popcorn and the Maple fudge, the popcorn was good it had a drizzle of white and milk chocolate but it wasn't over done and the fudge had a nice maple flavor to it although I do have to say it was quite sweet and strong so only a little bit is needed at a time to give you your fill. My least favorite item was the Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread cookies, I don't mind rosemary in certain foods but combined with sea salt in a cookie like baked good was too over powering for me. Each box cost only $10 a month plus shipping and handling, this gives you the chance to try out new foods every month and possibly find some new favorites along the way that will widen your taste horizon, As a member of Love with Food you will also be given the chance to receive Discounts on buying more of the products from inside the package for example if I were a member and wanted more of the Tuxedo Popcorn I can go to the Love with Food shop and purchase a bag for a discounted price. I think the Love with Food team for their warm and friendly customer service and for the wonderful job at putting together the subscription box every month.