Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jelly Fish Review

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Jelly Fish for the review  free of charge.****

When I am outside the home I am frequently using my phone sometimes I run into one tiny issue, I forget to charge my phone at times which leads to a dead cell phone and I am not always in my car where I can use my car charger. I recently found a company called Jelly Fish who offers a line of gadget accessories one of which is called the Go Go Juice which is a small power pack that will supply your phone,MP3 player,ect with power while on the go. "Don't get caught with your power down! No matter where you go, this power supply is perfect when outlets are scarce and you need an emergency punch of power or be a hero and share with friends."

I received a purple Go Go Juice for the purpose of a review, My package arrived fast and was gift wrapped which added a nice touch to the package. The Go Go Juice is a handy little device that can fit into your back pack, purse or back pocket to easily access while on the go, in order to charge this you will need to plug it in for a few hours before you leave. I found this to be very handy and it charged my phone completely within the first ten minutes, Since this has a USB port you are able to charge anything that has a USB on one end. It also has a light on the front which is nice if you are trying to plug everything in while it's dark. The Go Go Juice comes in four colors Purple, Blue, Green and Pink they retail for $39.99 each. Jelly Fish also sells portable speakers, head phones and phone cases in various colors and design, check out their website to see what they have to offer you. 


  1. I need one of these for my phone thanks for the review

  2. This would be incredibly handy in so many situations.

  3. Well, this needs to be in my life asap lol