Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Haunted Knoll Review

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by The Haunted Knoll  for the review & giveaway Free of charge.****

My husband & I are huge gamers we enjoy collecting gamer related goods and attended our first Comicon this year. Comicon is a huge event to many people, those who dress up spend countless hours preparing the perfect costume but there isn't always enough time to get every detail or every piece made because we all know life gets busy. When a moment calls for a bit of help with a costume piece that is where sellers such as The Haunted Knoll come in as the knight in shinning Armour. A cherished video game between my husband & I is Borderlands we have spent hours upon hours playing Borderlands #2 together and have grown quite fond of our game characters. We have decided that for this upcoming comicon we would like to go as our Borderlands characters, having two small children and each having a full time job we know we won't have enough time to hand make every detail of our costumes. My husband will be going as Kreig a big part of his costume is the mask that he wears, We both lack the space to make molds and cast them, I have searched around and found some less than satisfactory masks until I would The Haunted Knoll.

The Haunted Knoll sells both pre-painted and Un painted masks which can be used for cosplaying needs. I received the amazing chance to work with them on a review to share with all of you here and my friends in the cosplaying community. The Haunted Knoll's products can be used for Halloween,Comicon or collection needs, I personally prefer the blank masks because it allows you the freedom to still customized your characters mask to how ever you want it, In the game there are dozens of color schemes so this gives you the chance to pick the colors or outfit you like best. Not only does the Haunted Knoll sell mask blanks but they make the most B.A Borderlands ornaments I have seen I was beyond excited to find one waiting for me in my review package and I am more than honored to have it hanging on my tree. For a product review I received a Kreig mask blank kit to create and paint on my own.

Shipping was lightning fast I couldn't wait to get it inside and open it up, Once I opened the package I was very happy to find the box was a recycled package used from previous supplies. With how many boxes and packages are used I am always happy to find when companies recycle products such as boxes,packing peanuts or other similar products. I was only expecting to find the Kreig mask kit in my package so when I opened it up and found a Psycho Christmas ornament as well I let out a happy and exited squeal. It was pleasant to find all of the assorted parts to the mask packages in separate bags to both protect the mask and make it easier to keep track of everything that goes with the mask. The mask is wonderful it isn't heavy but it isn't so light that it will break at the flick of a wrist, The mask fits well and will hold up for some time to come. The mask is made with attention to detail and with a passion in the heart you can tell the great amount of time and love that went into this product to provide You the customer with the best product possible. Included in the package was a "How To Guide" which is very helpful it tells you how to attach the straps, add on the side face pieces and which paints would be best to use for your mask to make it look it's best.

The Borderlands Psycho Mask Ornament is well made and is sturdy enough to last for many years to come, The ornament is about the size of your hand so it can be shown off. Keeping in mind that Each piece and handmade they vary slightly from one another,I was very pleased to find mine had more blue in the eyes than shown on the website because Blue is my favorite color. The owner Will did a spectacular job with the paint job every detail is perfect and it looks as if I had just plucked the mask from the game. What is my favorite part of the kit? Everything from the packaging to the mask was perfect I couldn't have asked for anything better. The price of each mask blank is $145 before you are shocked at the price please think about the work and supplies that goes into each piece, If you were to do this on your own you would have to buy the supplies, have the time to make the mold and have enough supplies to do a practice run or two to get it right. Buying it from a seller means you will get a better quality product. I have spoken with the shops owner Will have he is very helpful,quick to answer and is as friendly as could be. I currently do not have images of the mask painted as it will take some time so I will post an update once everything is finished, Please head over to The Haunted Knoll and check out the other Borderlands products will has to offer.


  1. Detailed review. Just missing a video and that would be it

  2. These are beautiful! I love them my niece and nephew would soo love these!!