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Having two children under the age of five & a cat ultimately means that the carpet is going to get dirty in one form or another sometime down the road, living in an apartment with tan carpets isn't a plus because you can clearly see juice,mud & dirt stains. I was trying to come up with ways to help save the carpet a little while still having a nice carpet,My solution? Rugs Direct, A rug not only looks nice but helps spare your carpet from a few stains it may wind up getting.

I was recently able to do a review for my rug of choice was their "Space Explorer" rug by Joy Carpets I received a 12' x 8' carpet to put into my children's bed room. The carpet has a number of brightly colored eye catching planets and starts, the rug itself is beautiful. When the rug arrived I was very excited to get it set up in my kids room, for the rugs size it was fairly light to carry by myself, after moving some of my daughters belongings from her room such as the dresser,bed,ect I put the carpet into place. The carpet unrolled very easy and was simple to put into place, all objects have the small "curl" after they have been rolled up for a long period of time to get rid of this I simply placed a heavy objects on all the corners for an hour so that there wouldn't be any edges sticking up.

The carpet covers up 98% of the space in my daughters room which is perfect because the large furniture covers the rest, I have to say that the photo of the carpet on their website does Not do this carpet justice it is much brighter in person. Above you can see the website photo on the right and my personal photo on the left as you can see the carpet is a lot brighter in person, This carpet looks great & feels great on your feet. I have to admit I am a bit jealous of my kids new bedroom carpet. Are you looking for a new rug or carpet for your home? offers a wide selection of rug styles,colors and sizes for your everyday needs to your holiday needs. has fast shipping & friendly customer service they were a pleasure to work with before you head over to any other rug retailer I suggest you check out first for beautiful pieces and lovely prices,but why stop at rugs? also sells furniture,pillows,window blinds & art work.

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