Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Loot Crate Review & Giveaway!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The Del Monte products, information, gift pack, and gift card have been provided by Loot Crate for the Review & giveaway free of charge****

It's that time again! Loot Crate time, Last month I absolutely LOVED the Loot Crate package I received. What was in last months Loot Crate? I received a Donatello Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Funko Pop,Teenage Mutant Ninja Storm Trooper Magnet, A Simpsons key chain and an assortment of other great goodies.  Each month on the 19th Loot Crate sends out the box for that month giving you two and a half weeks to sign up before they send out the box for that month,Each box costs $13.37 + S/H or you can sign up for more than one month at a time to get a discount. As the 19th of this month draws closer every month I become overly excited wondering what could be in my next box, A video game? A Geeky new T-shirt? The possibilities are endless.

The theme of this months Loot Crate  was "Survive" the package contained: A Ewoking Dead shirt which features several Zombie E-woks which I think is beyond adorable, Zombie Temporary tattoos,The Zombie Survival Guide Book,A Zombie Hunter ID badge,A "Love your guts card" which features a zombie holding its own insides the inside of the card says "Your brains are nice too!",A Gummi creepy candy & a set of 8-Bit Zombie Buttons to use how you please. My favorite item out of this months Loot Crate? The Ewoking Dead shirt because it is sheer geektastic and is right up my alley. My least favorite item has to be the gummy candy just because the way certain gummi candies are made taste a little off. If you are a fan of Star Wars I 150% think you should sign up for this crate I myself have received two crates with Star Wars themed items and I have seen a few others with them as well so this would be perfect. Want to see everything that was in Octobers box? Click to view photos. I can not wait to see what is in Novembers box.

Every month they have a photo contest where the winner receives a special Loot crate & they also raffle off one Mega Loot Crate which has $200+ worth of goodies.I personally think that Loot Crate would make a great gift for any comic, video game, or cartoon lover in your family. If you want to see images of everything in the box you can check them out here. You can sign up for just a one time box or you can sign up for 6 months to a years worth of boxes & you can use the code “LunaMoon10” you will receive 10% off of your purchase price. What do you think might be in Next months box?


One lucky winner will receive a November Loot Crate! I am sorry they ship to US & Canadian Addresses only.

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BH Cosmetics Review!

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The Del Monte products, information, gift pack, and gift card have been provided by BH Cosmetics for the Review free of charge****

When it comes to makeup I find myself drawn to bright colors when looking for new products to buy, One of my favorite cosmetics companies is BHCosmetics who offers a wide variety of bright colors. I recently received the chance to work with them on a product review of their BH Hollywood palette. The first thing you notice about this palette is how it opens instead of being one big compartment that opens it has three makeup compartments & a nice big mirror. The compartments are held together with magnets that keep them snug in place, I like that I had fold the two sides down over the middle & use just the mirror.

Have you always wanted to look like an A-list celebrity? BH's Hollywood palette has you covered with red-carpet reds to limelight greens that are sure to take your look from ordinary to extraordinary! This makeup palette includes 16 eye shadows and 4 blushes and comes in a compact magnetic paper palette. Now you can create celebrity looks at home or on-the-go! I enjoy the assortment of colors they offer in this small easy to carry palette this is something I can take with me in my purse in case of a makeup emergency. Looking for a fast Halloween makeup? Got it.

Used above is: Blue,Green & Orange. I have enjoyed using this product and look forward to using it more often! The colors are bright,long lasting and look great. This product can be purchased for $6 through their website.  I haven't been disappointed by anything I've received from BH and look forward to having more of their products in my collection. Want to see everything they offer? Head over to BH Cosmetics to see their line of cosmetics and brushes ALL of their products are priced at surprising prices for how amazing their makeup is it is sure to fit into anyone's budget.. Want to keep update on all of their upcoming products? Feel free to"Like" them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, & Follow their boards on Pintrest.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Bee Haven Giveaway & Review

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The Del Monte products, information, gift pack, and gift card have been provided by Baby Bee Haven for the Review & giveaway free of charge****

When going to events such as the Zoo my infant spends a lot of time being pushed around in his stroller so I want him to be as comfortable as possible. I find that most strollers aren't very comfy for long stroller rides there is no cushion to the seats it is normally just a piece of fabric and a set of straps, Who wants to be stuck in that all day? I recently found out about a product called Cush 'N Go a memory foam stroller cushion by Baby Bee Haven. Baby Bee Haven currently has SIX different reversible patterns you can choose from. For a recent review I received the Chocolate Cars design, One side is dark brown which is quite soft and the other side is dark blue with a cars design. High-quality memory foam conforms to infant's head, decreasing resistance and the risk of flat-head syndrome, It is recommended by medical professionals, it is Compatible with most stroller harness systems, Machine washable & measures (WDH): 13.4" x 1" x 29".

I found that the Cush 'N Go is quite soft and squishy, even my very picky cat tried to claim this for himself so when it is not in use in the stroller I have to hide it from the cat. As long as you know how to undo the straps from your stroller this is easy to place onto the stroller, You could place it in the stroller without doing the straps but I wouldn't suggest that because then you wouldn't be able to strap your child in. Take the extra few moments to properly secure the Cush 'N Go onto the stroller it will make your child & you a lot happier. This fit into our stroller perfectly,my son enjoys this and it keeps him happy which makes me happy because it makes long trips that much better. Another product I like from Baby Bee Haven that I would like to try is their Swingin Smart Swing Seat Cover which fits over those round baby swings at the park or playground, which is perfect because you don't know who or what has touched that swing. I used to wipe down the swing with baby wipes before placing my daughter in when she was younger the wipes would be black from all the muck, so the swing cover would work out 100% better because the swing is fully covered and the cover is machine washable.

The prices of the items are a little bit more than I would have expected the Cush 'N Go is $44 & the Swing cover is $40, but in the end it is totally worth the cost. The only thing we noticed that was a bit of a pain is it makes it harder to fold up the stroller when we are ready to go aside from that we love the Cush 'N Go.

One lucky winner will receive their choice of ONE product from Baby Bee Haven. Open to US Residents ONLY!

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Del Monte Review & Giveaway

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.The Del Monte products, information, gift pack, and gift card have been provided by Del Monte for the Review & giveaway free of charge****

My kids are big fans of squeezable fruit pouches, We were recently asked to do a review & giveaway for the new Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers. We were sent a very nicely packaged set of squeezers which included the following flavors: Peach-Mango,Blueberry,Apple Cinnamon,Mixed Berry & Strawberry. We use these in many different ways we eat them at home with meals,eat them when we are on the go,we make fruit pop sickle cubes from them & I mix then into my sons infant cereal instead of milk.

Above you can see how bright & attractive their product is, If I didn't know about it before I received an email from them I would have still picked this up at the store based on the packaging. Taste wise they taste delicious our favorite was the Peach-Mango you could tell right away just by smelling the wonderful aroma that it was going to taste just as great. My four year old daughter is pretty picky about food but even she enjoyed these her favorite was the Apple Cinnamon because she loves apple sauce and said this tasted similar just sweeter. My almost nine month old loves any kind of fresh fruit so he loved all of them, He eats these by himself or in his morning cereal.

My favorite thing about the Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers is that you can take them on the go to the zoo,park,work where ever you need a fast and easy snack. I usually don't have enough time to pack a lunch for work in the mornings & I don't want to waste my money on junk food from the cafe at work so these squeezers are the perfect solution. Base off of what we have tasted,smelled & seen when it comes to these Squeezers I will be buying this product again & suggest that you look for them at your local store along with the other great Del Monte products.

Prize Alert:
One lucky winner will receive a $50 Walmart gift card to purchase some Del Monte products. This is open to US residents only.

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