Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Loot Crate Review

****This was not a paid post and my honest opinion was used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others.Products were Provided by Loot Crate for the Review free of charge****

If you are a video game, or comics lover & haven’t heard of the Loot Crate subscription then you are missing out. Once a month Loot Crate sends out a box stuffed full of wonderful goodies each with their own theme, some are video game related, some comic related or it would be related to a specific TV show or other theme such as ‘Cake’. 
I am very happy to be part of the Loot Crate PR Team, Each month I will be sharing the contents of their wonderful boxes with you. I received July’s box which was themed ‘Video Game High School’ after a small internet series/show. The package included the first season of Video Game HS on DVD, & Related items including pins, a pencil, two stickers one said “Rocket Jump” the other is a storm trooper wearing a VGHS Letterman jacket, a Spider man pez dispenser & It also included C3PO Head phones & a Sonic Air Freshener that I can’t wait to stick in my truck.
Before receiving this package I had not heard of the series Video Game High School, after asking around about it for a bit I was told it was a fun & hilarious internet series. I haven’t been able to watch the whole series as of yet but so far from what I have seen it is a series I am going to enjoy. If you haven’t seen it yet either you should head over to Youtube & check it out, I hear they may be coming out with a season two soon. If it wasn’t for Loot Crate I may have never come across this series, not only do they send kick butt items to you ever month but you will also have the chance to discover new likes/loves just as I have done. Looking back at their past boxes I really wish I could have signed up for their box with a deadpool related shirt! Each box will vary a little from the next one person may get a Thor pez dispenser instead of a Spiderman but the main theme items are all the same.
Every month Loot Crate sends their monthly box out on the 19th,so if you are interested in buying a month or even starting a subscription head over to their site to see what they are all about. Their One year anniversary is this month so they will be celebrating with a special Cake themed box, I have heard that it has special cake related items & will include a T-shirt. Subscriptions start off at $13.37 a MONTH but you can use the code “Cake” to receive 12% off of your first purchase. Personally I think this is a fantastic deal all of the products they send out are worth way over the $13 charged for the months box & each purchase gives you a chance to win a Mega Box which has over $250 worth of products in it. Want to purchase a single box or a subscription? Click HERE to check out their site.


  1. That. Is. AWESOME!! This is the first one of these monthly bundle things that actually sounds appealing to me - not into all the girly stuff in most of them. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention - definitely going on the Christmas list!

  2. Wow -- that's great -- I had never head of Loot Crate before. Thanks for the great review --- had my eye on a few of the comics for my nephew.

  3. Wow! Such a different subscription box and it would be a great gift for anyone who is a gamer. My brother (who is a grown man!) would even love it!

  4. never heard of this but its intersting hmm might check it out