Friday, July 12, 2013

Where is Waldo?

Where in the world has Burning Moon's Inside Advice been for the last two months? It seemed that almost everything that could have happened did within the last two months. Many of you are aware that my family &I moved at the start of May, Shortly after the move my computer decided to give out on me leaving me to buy a new computer tower [In the process of working on this]. I celebrated my birthday,spent time with the kids,My truck broke down & worked then at the end of May I ended up in the hospital for four days due to my gallbaldder which was removed. Durning the month of June the apartment building directly next to us (about twenty feet away) caught on fire,Due to smoke the fire department asked us to leave our home. Thankfully nothing happened to our apartment but I feel horrible for those impacted directly by the fire.

Above are some of the photos from the damage caused by the fire, It started about 11pm & lasted about an hour. No one was hurt but all of the home in that building did mostly get destroyed. I still do not have a working computer at home but I feel it has been too long since I have been able to get on here & update my blog so I will be visiting my mothers house once a week possibly more to use her computer to make updates. 

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