Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween & that everyone stayed safe. We went to a small Carnival which my daughter & her cousins had fun at it was a small event hosted by a local church which offered rides,games and food for the kids at a decent price,We took our daughter trick or treating around my mothers new neighborhood it will filled with lots of kids,active neighbors & over all offered a very nice Halloween experience.We had also hosted a Halloween party for our friends the weekend before Halloween it was quite a fun Halloween week & I hope all of you had fun as well, I would love to hear what you did for Halloween! 


Stay tuned for a lot of great Holiday reviews & giveaways,along with many baby shower event reviews & giveaway I have a lot planned for you over the next two months. Tomorrow I will be posting two large giveaways!

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  1. my kids are older i have a 13 and 9 year olds my 9 year old still gos every year i try to find different costumes that most people dont think of wearing on their kids so they stand out and they feel special in them i love dressing them up every year